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Re-implementing udf_init_error in MySQL 5.5 and up

To whom it may concern -

Today, I received an email from a user of the udf_init_error UDF (which resides in the lib_mysqludf_udf library). The purpose of this UDF is to generate an error condition, which can be used to abruptly terminate a trigger or stored procedure. As such it is a workaround for bug #11661. This is all described extensively in my now ancient article here.

The user wrote me because of a problem experienced in MySQL 5.5: ...calling

select …
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Repository for MySQL UDFs: new sys_eval() function

Thanks to Bernardo Damele, the lib_mysqludf_sys package hosted by the Repository for MySQL UDFs can now boast a new sys_eval() function. You can read the details here on his blog. Bernardo also created a similar function for PostgreSQL.

Thank you, Bernardo!!!

sys_eval() is quite like

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Writing to the MySQL error log

In almost all application development situations, one needs to log debug information now and then. In almost all production systems, one needs to log serious error events somewhere too.

So, what can you do? Create a log table? Sprinkle your code with SELECT 'Debug: ...' statements?

At the UDF Repository for MySQL, we now have a solution to log messages to the MySQL error log: a user-defined function called log_error().

Currently it is all very crude: the log_error function takes one argument and writes it to the mysql_error log, appending a line …

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