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Using PhantomJS to serve HTML content of Single-page App

One big drawback of Single-page application is the ability to fully support SEO as traditional sites. The reason is because in a single-page application we often use a technique called lazy-rendering, in which the real content is not rendered from the server but only the basic layout is returned. Many search engine crawls your websites similar to how you use "curl" command to fetch the content of the website, which prevents the search engine from understanding what is really inside the web page and it can not index the page correctly. In this post, I am going to show you how we can use PhantomJS to tackle this issue.

The main idea of this post is taken from this blog page:, you might want to read it for more information. I will explain it using my own words and this can apply to any single-page …

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Tyranny of a Google vote

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Image by Hajo de Reijger,

For the past year I’ve been seeing headline blogs analyzing the effect of Google’s last algorithm update, dubbed the Panda. There was much talk of unfair relegation from the first page of Google search results, and general indignance by the SEO community.

As with any subject in which I only have cursory knowledge I didn’t think much of it. I thought that as long as I didn’t engage in link-buying and whatever is known as “black hat” tactics, the search engines would be fair. What I didn’t realise with Google was how subjective it has become in ranking websites. I was particularly tripped up in the …

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Hurting the little guy?

Today I come back from the dentist, if that wasn’t bad enough news, I get an email from Google AdWords titled Your Google AdWords Approval Status.

In the email, all my AdWords campaigns are now disapproved, because of:

-> Ad Content: Please remove the following trademark from your ad:

Yeah right. I can’t put the word ‘MySQL’ in my ads. How are people to now find me? It would appear that many ads have been pulled not just mine. Is this a proactive measure by Google? is this a complaint from the MySQL trademark holder Sun Microsystems?

I’d like any comment, feedback or suggestions on how one can proceed here.

It reminds me of the days CentOS advertised itself as an “Open source provider of a popular North American Operating System”, or something of that nature.

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