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Database library to handle multiple masters and multiple slaves

In a large scale mysql deployment there could be multiple masters and multiple slaves. Masters are generally in circular replication. And are used for running all inserts, updates and deletes. Slaves are used to run selects.

When you are dealing with multiple mysql instances running in a large scale environment, it is important to take care of lags between masters and slaves. To handle such

MariaDB C client libraries and the end of dual-licensing

Finally there is an LGPL C client library for MariaDB, and thus also for MySQL. Monty Program and SkySQL have been working on this for some time. Admittedly there was already the BSD licensed Drizzle client library which was also able to talk to a MySQL/MariaDB server, however its API is different. The C client library for MariaDB has exactly the same API existing applications are used to, so you can just re-link and keep going! There is also a new LGPL Java client library for MariaDB.

In case you don’t quite realise: this is actually a major thing.

At MySQL AB, the client library was made GPL and this flowed through to Sun Microsystems and then Oracle Corp. This licensing choice for the client library was the basis of the …

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A Utility Library for MySQL Workbench

Here is a small library with various helpful Lua functions for scripts and plugins for Workbench, making it easier to write your own plugins for exporting to some external format, generating reports etc. The library is meant for Workbench 5.0, but it will be ported to 5.1 as well, which should make transitioning plugins from one to the other somewhat easier in the future. Currently, most functions are meant for iterating through various objects so you can, but new functions will be added every once in a while and contributions, bug fixes and comments are welcome. To “install” the library, place the file in your equivalent for C:\Documents and Settings\user\Program data\MySQL\Workbench\librariesQuick list of places to get useful information for plugin writing:

  • the Structs list will list the available GRT object types and …
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