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Write-heavy workload vs the MongoDB optimizer

We experienced wasted disk IO from the MySQL query optimizer a few years back and fixed it via FORCE INDEX hints. I think I am experiencing wasted disk IO from the MongoDB optimizer during recent tests with the insert benchmark.

The problem with MySQL requires a query for which more than one index can be used. The problem query was a single table SELECT statement. The optimizer must figure out the best index and calls the records_in_range method to determine the selectivity of the query predicates for each relevant index. For InnoDB tables the records_in_range method reads the b-tree leaf node that contains the first and last index entries that satisfy the predicates and …

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Testing the Mozilla Net Effects Program

Last week, I wrote about an experimental video program that I am coordinating for Mozilla.

I’ve now posted a more complete overview of the program, along with a draft guide for the program testers and an early FAQ on the program.

Helping us in our early stages are the following good and brave souls:

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451 CAOS Links 2008.11.07

A busy week for Sun includes new product releases and an annual shareholders’ meeting. Microsoft tries to unseat open source with BizSpark for entrepreneurs. Who is making money from open source? Obama: Open source President? And more.

Press releases
IBM, Sun Microsystems Launch ODF Toolkit Union To Grow Adoption, Community and Software Innovation Sun Microsystems

Sun Unveils New Systems And Storage Solutions For MySQL Sun Microsystems

Microsoft Jump-Starts Global Entrepreneurs With BizSpark Microsoft

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