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Shinguz: German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) founded today

Today the German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) was officially founded in Berlin.

The association advocates:

  • the information of the use, the handling and the experience with MySQL and development in the MySQL Eco-System as well as systems which use MySQL.
  • the exchange of experience between MySQL users about MySQL and other systems.
  • the Advice and Cooperation with Oracle and vendors of other systems.
  • the submission of suggestions of the members to Oracle and vendors of other systems.

The intention of the German speaking MySQL User Group is to be a platform for MySQL User from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To get a high enough weight for Austria and Switzerland we hope for a high number of registrations of these two countries.

Who wants to be listed as a founding member, should asap (until Friday) send us a notice via e-Mail.

A later …

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Testing the Mozilla Net Effects Program

Last week, I wrote about an experimental video program that I am coordinating for Mozilla.

I’ve now posted a more complete overview of the program, along with a draft guide for the program testers and an early FAQ on the program.

Helping us in our early stages are the following good and brave souls:

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Photography blog in German started

I just started a new blog on photography, in German. It’s based in and so far only has just four entries — one on a photo session with fashion photographer Riccardo Desiderio, one on my ensuing autumn portraits of my wife along the Isar here in Munich, one on fun underwater photography ( …

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