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Speaking in April 2017

Its been a while since I’ve blogged (will have to catch up soon), but here’s a few appearances:

  • How we use MySQL today – April 10 2017 – New York MySQL meetup. I am almost certain this will be very interesting with the diversity of speakers and topics.
  • Percona Live 2017 – April 24-27 2017 – Santa Clara, California. This is going to be huge, as its expanded beyond just MySQL to include MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and other open source databases. Might even be the conference with the largest time series track out there. Use code COLIN30 for the best discount at registration.

I will also be in attendance at the …

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Speaking in June 2016

I have a few upcoming speaking engagements in June 2016:

  • – June 9-10 2016 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – never been to this event but MariaDB Corporation are sponsors and I’m quite excited to be back in Buenos Aires. I’m going to talk about the MySQL ecosystem in 2016.
  • SouthEast LinuxFest – June 10-12 2016 – Charlotte, NC, USA – I have a few talks here, a bit bummed that I’m going to be missing the speaker dinner, but I expect this to be another great year. Learn about MariaDB Server/MySQL Security Essentials, the MySQL ecosystem in 2016, and about distributions from the view of a package.
  • NYC MySQL Meetup – June 27 2016 – New York, USA – I’m …
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I will be speaking at Percona Live New York

Percona is back for a second New York Percona Live Conference. As the resident New York MySQL Expert, I will again be presenting. My session will be on MySQL Backup and Recovery Essentials.

You can only present so much in one hour, and this presentation just touches on the highlights of what is possible. More detailed information about the right backup and recovery strategy and associated tools is available in my current book Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery.

Percona Live – New York presentation slides now available

After the success of Percona Live in New York, we have published in our website the presentation slides of talks from the leading experts in MySQL. Check it out.

Effective MySQL Meetup in NY

A few months ago Ronald Bradford took it upon himself to reinvigorate the MySQL community in NY. It was then that Ronald came up with EffectiveMySQL, a much needed breeze of fresh air in the big apple’s for us MySQL users.

This coming Tuesday, 26th April 2011, there is going to be the second (of many more to come) presentation, this time about “Silent data truncations because of overlooked configuration / design”. The actual title is: “MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite” presented by Ronald Bradford himself in midtown Manhattan. More details can be found here.

See you there!

EffectiveMySQL Meetup in NY

The first EffectiveMySQL meetup will be held in NY on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 by Ronald Bradford. Details here

The title of the talk is “How better indexes save you money”. Saving money? Hey sure thing :) I’m in Ronald.

For those of you who do not know Ronald Bradford, he’s an Oracle Ace Director in the MySQL field, a long time community contributor and a MySQL expert.

I hope to see you at 902 Broadway New York, NY on Tuesday 22nd March 6pm.

New York MySQL meetup - November 11

The New York MySQL Meetup is scheduled for November 11th at 6pm
The place: Suspenders Restaurant
111 Broadway
at Thames St New York, NY 10006

We'll talk about MySQL Proxy, and anything else that looks suitable, depending on the crowd's requests.
Thanks to Philip Antoniades for the organization.

RHEL 5 and xen demo at MySQL User group

At last night's New York MySQL Meetup we had a great presentation on the new stuff in RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 from Goutham Kandiar (from RH's NY office down the block). The highlight was when he moved a running MySQL server from one laptop to another.

Now, I'm a Sales Engineer, so I can appreciate good dog & pony shows. I can really appreciate the difficulty of making a dog or pony of a database. So this was quite a treat.

It turns out all you need is some reasonably modern hardware (they had Lenovo T60s with on-chip virtualization) and xen. You can use older hardware, but you'll have to modify your kernel (which limits you to OSes where that is a possibility). Goutham had a gigabit switch, making the 256M image move over in ~4 seconds, but he told me that an ad-hoc 802.11g network would still do the trick in about half a minute.

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Digitally Imported seeks MySQL / PHP web dev

Listen to Digitally imported to get the url

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