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Test your Solaris Application on MySQL

There are a couple of easy ways to test your Solaris application with MySQL ("the world's most popular opensource database").   Of course, you can always setup a Solaris or OpenSolaris environment and download it (70-80MB) and then install/configure locally.   However, if you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up the System, OS, & database yourself, Sun has made it easy to get your hands on pre-configured bits in a couple of other efficient ways.

Use the EZQual Virtual Lab.  Sun Partner's can get access to secure, no-cost, test environments (within Solaris containers/zones).  Here's the information directly from the program:

We've set up a …

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Test Drive MySQL on Solaris 10 for FREE in EZQual Virtual Labs. No Installation, No Cost

MySQL is the defacto database of choice for most WebScale and Cloud Computing deployments.

Every day you go to website like Facebook, CraigsList , eBay, Google, PriceGrabber, Yahoo!, and Zappos, you are touching a page that  uses MySQL.
MySQL's popularity is due in large part to its flexibility. MySQL supports over 20 platforms and scales to handle terabytes of data. And, because MySQL is open source, it can be customized to an application's unique specifications. This flexibility has two-fold benefits for ISVs: MySQL is better able to address their applications' specific needs and it won't impose restrictions on their future development.

Through the Sun Partner Advantage Program(SPA) , ISVs can now leverage Sun's entire portfolio of offerings - including MySQL. The SPA Program connects ISVs with free or deeply discounted technology offerings as …

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