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Zero-Downtime Cluster Maintenance: Comparing the Procedures for Upgrades versus DB/OS Maintenance

Overview The Skinny

Part of the power of Tungsten Clustering for MySQL / MariaDB is the ability to perform true zero-downtime maintenance, allowing client applications full access to the database layer, while taking out individual nodes for maintenance and upgrades. In this blog post we cover various types of maintenance scenarios, the best practices associated with each type of action, and the key steps to ensure the highest availability.

Important Questions Understand the Environment as a Whole First

There are a number of questions to ask when planning cluster maintenance that are critical to understand before starting.

For example:

  1. What is the cluster topology?
    • Standalone (connectors write to single cluster master)
      Single cluster: …
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How To - Remove Leading Zeros


Using PHP function intval().

Code example: echo intval(”05″);
Returned value: 5

Using PHP function ltrim().

Code example: echo ltrim(”005″,”0″);
Returned value: 5


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