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What on Earth is a Split-Brain Scenario in a MySQL Database Cluster?

Overview The Skinny

In this blog post we will define what a split-brain scenario means in a MySQL database cluster, and then explore how a Tungsten MySQL database cluster reacts to a split-brain situation.

Agenda What’s Here?

  • Define the term “split-brain”
  • Briefly explore how the Tungsten Manager works to monitor the cluster health and prevent data corruption in the event of a network partition
  • Also explore how the Tungsten Connector works to route writes
  • Describe how a Tungsten MySQL database cluster reacts to a split-brain situation
  • Illustrate various testing and recovery procedures

Split-Brain: Definition and Impact Sounds scary, and it is!

A split-brain occurs when a MySQL database cluster which normally has …

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The Proxy belt - Designing fail safe systems webinar

There is a free webinar today, October 7, at 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST, 5pm UTC), about Designing Fail-Safe Systems with MySQL Proxy.

It's an interesting session to attend, for several reasons.

  • Building a fail safe systems is the dream (and the nightmare) of every system architect. There are many solutions, not all of them are viable.
  • This solution was implemented by a user, Clint Alexander, Internet Technologist for the Army Game Project.

The interesting part is that this session is not a theoretical …

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