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More Good News for Data Warehousing on MySQL

Last week, Infobright announced it had open sourced its data warehousing software code. This is good news for the growing number of organizations looking to use MySQL as a data warehousing platform. According to IDC, MySQL is already the third-most deployed database for data warehousing and Infobright’s move will give users yet another reason to seriously consider MySQL for this application.

For those of you not familiar with the Infobright offering, it is essentially a column-oriented data store for data warehousing. While the column-oriented approach is not exclusive to Infobright (Kickfire’s MySQL storage engine is also column-oriented, as are some other non-MySQL data warehousing solutions on the market) Infobright does have some unique technology that Lou Agosta recently described as follows in his post on Trends in Data Warehousing for the Second Half of 2008: …

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