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Some LSI 9211-8i issues on Windows and Linux
Make sure you flash an LSI-9211 to IT firmware rev#14 to get it to work 
with Linux and SSD trim.  You may have to downgrade from newer firmware
to older firmware to get the card to work.

Finding a SATA III controller with more than one PCI-e lane
After a recent hardware issue I decided to upgrade my computer to use new Intel 520 120MB SSD drives in RAID for improved performance.  The motherboard I use (an ASUS Rampage III extreme) has a Marvel SATA III controller with two ports, but I discovered that it is connected via only a single PCI-e lane (each lane can do at most 400MB/sec*).  This means that it can't effectively support even a single Intel 520 because one device can saturate the SATA III bus (An Intel 520 is rated at up to 550MB/sec sequential write).

So I went on a quest for a new SATA 3 controller.   To Frys! I exclaimed.  But unfortunately, all the PCI-e 2.x SATA III …

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Performance regression testing results or just statistics?

We’re very excited to see MySQL 5.1.30 make it to GA status and are very proud of the work that the MySQL engineering team has done to get MySQL 5.1 out of the door.

Maybe you’ve seen some claims by others in the MySQL community that MySQL 5.1 runs slower than MySQL 5.0. Maybe you’ve also seen some claims by others in the MySQL community that MySQL 5.1 runs faster than MySQL 5.0.

Guess what? They’re both right.

With database or any other hardware/software performance tests, you’re always going to see different results because there are *so* many variables that go into the equation.

That being the case, I thought I’d share a little of what we in the MySQL QA group have seen on the 5.1 vs. 5.0 front. Part of our job in MySQL QA is to routinely test each MySQL build and compare it to prior versions before release, to see if any performance regressions have occurred and I would like …

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