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How to setup a FAI Install server on debian squeeze

Ok, Debian Squeeze is out for a while and now it`s time to setup a new FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) install server. In this tutorial, I will describe, how to setup FAI with dhcpd3 or dnsmasq for bootp and DHCP.


This document describes how to set up a FAI install server 3.4.8 on Debian Linux 6.x with dhcpd3 or dnsmasq

list of references

related article

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Comparing ScaleDB’s Shared Cache Tier vs. NFS and CFS

Prior posts addressed the performance benefits of a shared cache tier (ScaleDB CAS) and also the storage flexibility it enables.This post compares the ScaleDB CAS purpose-built file storage sharing system against off-the-shelf solutions like NFS and various cluster file systems (CFS).

When using a clustered database, like ScaleDB, each node has full access to all of the data in the database. This means that the file system (SAN, NAS, Cloud, etc.) must allow multiple nodes to share the data in the file system.

Options include:
1. Network File System (NFS)
2. Cluster File System (CFS)
3. Purpose-built file storage interface

Locking Granularity:
I won’t get deeply …

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Security Updates | 2009-09-08

I track security updates for the following vendors: Apple, Cisco, FreeBSD, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems. I chose these vendors based on my own needs for the networks and systems I manage. I've also found that updates from these vendors tend to catch the major updates necessary for common software applications. If you have other vendors you would like me to provide updates for, send me a message.

If you have an interest in information security from both a technical and managerial level, check out Principles of Information Security. It does an excellent job of presenting material for both audiences.

Cisco Systems Inc.

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How to unmount NFS share mounted with hard option

Few days ago I worked on some customer’s server and there was a problem - their nfs server went down and we were forced to change some settings on their FC4 clients to prevent shares from dieing because of kernel bug. But when we’ve changed settings in /etc/fstab there was one more step before task was completed - we need to remount this share (I mean unmount/mount). But how to perform this operation if there are some processes in D (non-interruptible sleep) waiting for dead share and prevent it from unmounting? They wait because of hard option on the share and lack of intr option and any unmount request would produce a following results:

streaming01:~# umount /storages/2
umount: /storages/2: device is busy
umount: /storages/2: device is busy

So, here is a list of steps you need to do to be able to remount your share.

First of all, you need to send KILL(9) signal to all you processes …

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