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Speaking @ Percona Live in London Next Week!

A quick note, I am speaking at Percona live in London next week… its should be a rip roaring time. I have two topics I am speaking on.

The first is on building a MySQL Data Access Layer with Ruby and Sinatra. While this may seem a bit odd, its actually very cool and useful. With

MySQL Bootcamp at Collaborate 2011 pt 2

Hi All,

I am going through some of the sessions for IOUG’s Collaborate 2011 Conference and trying to fill in slots for the bootcamp, and while we have some great sessions we could use a few more sessions. Specifically I would love to get a couple of sessions on a few the following topics:

  • InnoDB in General
  • InnoDB Internals & scalability
  • General Overview of available Storage Engines (Pros/Cons)
  • MySQL options for Very Large databases ( ala Partitioning, Sharding )
  • MySQL Monitoring Options
  • NDB Cluster

These are just a few suggestions, please feel free to submit any topic thats related to MySQL…  even if its not a fit for the bootcamp, there is a MySQL track that it would fit into.  IOUG extended the MySQL Deadline until next Monday for us, so let’s get some more papers in!  You can submit …

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Helping to Organize a MySQL Bootcamp @ IOUG’s COLLABORATE 11

I am helping IOUG Organize a MySQL bootcamp at their Collaborate conference in Orlando. This is actually a great opportunity to reach out to a lot of Oracle talent looking for more information and training on MySQL. An IOUG Bootcamp is compiled from several 1 hour technical sessions starting from introductory level topics on day 1 to advanced topics the final day. The idea is this format will help those not familiar with MySQL, get a crash course in MySQL while also providing people with a wide range of targeted sessions that they can come in an out of as they see fit. It’s like the tag line of most Carnivals, Fun for all ages…

The reason I am posting is we are going to need lots of help from you. We are looking for speakers for the conference at the moment… you can submit your papers here: Think of it like this, this is an …

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Great to see everyone at the UC

It was awesome to see everyone at the 2010 mysql UC. Sorry if I did not get a chance to chat with everyone, time just flew by! I had great turn out for my two sessions and had a lot of great conversations with people. If people are looking for my slides they are posted on the User Conference Website here: .. Thanks Everyone!

More Debate, More Flame, More Choosing the correct tool for the job

You have to love all the debating going on over NOSQL -vs- SQL don’t you? With my UC session on choosing the right data storage tools ( does this sound better then SQL-vs-NoSQL?) I have been trying to stay current with the mood of the community so i can make my talk more relevant. Today I was catching up on reading a few blogs posts and I thought I would pass along these two: Pro SQL and Pro NoSQL … these represent the two very different views on this subject. (Note I think there are misleading facts and figures in these that should be flushed out more, but they are a good sample of what I am talking about). …

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New Benchmark I am working on that tests MYSQL -vs- NOSQL

I am giving a talk in a couple of weeks at the 2010 MySQL User Conference that will touch on use cases for NOSQL tools -vs- More relational tools, the talk is entitled “Choosing the Right Tools for the Job, SQL or NOSQL”. While this talk is NOT supposed to be a deep dive into the good, bad, and ugly of these solutions, rather a way to discuss potential use cases for various solutions and where they may make a lot of sense, being me I still felt a need to at least do some minor benchmarking of these solutions. The series of posts I wrote last year over on comparing Tokyo Tyrant to both MySQL and Memcached was fairly popular. In fact the initial set of benchmark scripts I used for that series actually has been put to good use since then testing out …

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Huge Data -vs- The Database, how the industry is adapting in the face of the data explosion

Note This Article was actually written back in May after the UC at the request of Linux Magazine, through a series of events It went unpublished. Between then and now Jeremy ended up doing a great job covering most of the topics, so in the end it was unneeded. Now I had this completed article and thought, what should I do with it? In the I decided to publish them here. Also note I did update a few items.

As more companies move to MySQL and the demands for data increase, we push the bounds of the database further. The challenges large Web properties (who have pioneered many of the large MySQL deployments) faced when they stored 50GB of data and had 5,000 users were nothing like the challenges of storing 500GB of data supporting 100,000 users. Today, as we are seeing more and more 10+TB-sized datasets being …

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You know you have really screwed up when …

You crash MySQL/Innodb and you trace the error to a function that says:

“This function checks the consistency of an index page when we do not
know the index. This is also resilient so that this should never crash
even if the page is total garbage. ”

Oops… I guess its not that resilient after all:)

Testing Waffle

So Ronald Bradford has been getting some EC2 AMI’s setup for Waffle the last couple of days. Really he is the first person to work with us on testing out the 0.5 cream release. It’s funny but when you are heads down in the code you tend to overlook some of the easy and obvious bugs. Just by having him walk through the install we have opened up several new bugs and come up with some new Idea’s on how to make things easier in the future. I hope by early next week we can have some of annoying bugs fixed and code pushed to launchpad. When that happens I would encourage others to give it a whirl and help us make Waffle Grid better performing, more user friendly, and more stable.

You can check out some of the bugs here.

Thanks to Ronald for his help on this!

5 Minute DBA MyISAM Example Config Files

I have been asked this numerous times ever since I posted my InnoDB sample configuration files, Do I have sample configuration parameters for a MyISAM setup? We are seeing less and less people use MyISAM, but it is still popular ( especially in prepackaged form i.e. wordpress). So i figured why not adjust my sample InnoDB configs and make them suitable for MyISAM.

The biggest limitation to MySIAM is used to be the default key buffer only can could only be sized up to 4GB ( This was fixed in 5.0.52) . While you can create separate key buffers and assign indexes to them, it’s not very common ( Common as in present in low-end shops who need 5 minute dba help) in part because I think people do not fully understand it and you do have to plan for it. Setting up secondary caches is a database/application specific setup, it can not really be generalized, …

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