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Simple S3 Log Archival

UPDATE: if anyone knows of a non-broken syntax highlighting plugin for wordpress that supports bash or some other shell syntax, let me know :-/

Apache logs, database backups, etc., on busy web sites, can get large. If you rotate logs or perform backups regularly, they can get large and numerous, and as we all know, large * numerous = expensive, or rapidly filling disk partitions, or both.

Amazon’s S3 service, along with a simple downloadable suite of tools, and a shell script or two can ease your life considerably. Here’s one way to do it:

  1. Get an Amazon Web Services account by going to the AWS website.
  2. Download the ‘aws’ command line tool from here and install it.
  3. Write a couple of shell scripts, and schedule them using cron.

Once you have your Amazon account, …

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