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Auditing MariaDB for Secured Database Infrastructure Operations

When you are building Database Infrastructure for an data sensitive business (like financial services, digital commerce, advertising media solutions, healthcare etc. ) governed by compliance and policies, You are expected to maintain the audit log of the transactions to investigate, if you ever suspect something unacceptable (i.e., user updating / deleting data) happening to your database . MariaDB provides Audit Plugin (MariaDB started including by default the Audit Plugin from versions 10.0.10 and 5.5.37, and it can be installed in any version from MariaDB 5.5.20.) to log the server activity, Although the MariaDB Audit Plugin has some unique features available only for MariaDB, it can be used also with MySQL. MariaDB Audit Plugin log the details like who connected to server (i.e., username and host), what queries were executed, the tables accessed and server variables changed. This information is retained in a rotating log file or sent to …

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HoneyMonitor v.1.0.16-beta released!

We are pleased to announce the release 1.0.16 of HoneyMonitor, our GUI for MySQL™ administration and monitoring.

In this release, available for immediate download, we have fixed many bugs and included several improvements.

We are working to release a RC version as soon as possible.

The following is the list of changes:

  • New Features:
    • new Tab “Defaults Folders” in the “HoneyMonitor Options” Window to set the default folders to be used when storing Audit Reports, Standard Reports, HTML Reports, Queries, Backups, Scripts, Exported Data.
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MySQL: DIVide and Conquer

Everybody that has had to do some numeric calculations in SQL will have encountered this simple problem: divide an integer by another integer and round down the outcome to the nearest integer. In many cases people write it like this:


Simple enough, right? First we do the division a/b, then we round down using the function FLOOR().

Update: My claim that TRUNCATE(a/b, 0) is equivalent to FLOOR(a/b) is false! It maybe true when the outcome of the division is a positive number, but in case of a negative number, TRUNCATE() will only lose the decimals (resulting in a higher negative number) and FLOOR() will still round down.

Thanks …

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MySQL 5.1: Measuring #queries/sec. using information_schema.GLOBAL_STATUS

MySQL 5.1 offers new information tables such as GLOBAL_STATUS. This can be used to report certain performance metrics, such as the number of queries processed per second:

SELECT MAX( -- use MAX to force aggregation
IF(variable_name='Questions' -- no. of queries sent to server
, CAST(variable_value AS unsigned) -- make integer value
, 0 -- ignore if not 'Questions'
/ -- divide by
MAX( -- use MAX to force aggregation
IF(variable_name='Uptime' -- no. of seconds the server is up
, CAST(variable_value AS unsigned) -- make integer value
, 0 -- ignore if not …
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