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Consistent Lookup Vindex: Achieving Data Consistency without 2PC

Vindex # Vitess uses Vindexes (short for Vitess Index) to associate rows in a table with a designated address known as Keyspace ID. This allows Vitess to direct a row to its intended destination, typically a shard within the cluster. Vindexes play a dual role: enabling data sharding through Primary Vindexes and facilitating global indexing via Secondary Vindexes. Through this mechanism, Vindexes serve as an indispensable tool for routing queries in a sharded database, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Summer 2023: Fuzzing Vitess at PlanetScale

My name is Arvind Murty, and from May to July of 2023, I worked on Vitess via an internship with PlanetScale. I was first introduced to Vitess when I was in high school as a potential open-source project for me to work on. I had been interested in working on one because they’re a relatively easy way to get some real-world experience in large-scale software development. Vitess seemed like an good place to start, so I started contributing, mostly on internal cleanup.

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