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Fixing Errant GTID With Orchestrator: The Easy Way Out

In this article, we will discuss errant Transaction /GTID and how we can solve them with the Orchestrator tool.

Orchestrator is a MySQL high availability and replication management tool that runs as a service and provides command line access, HTTP API, and Web interface. I will not go into the details of the Orchestrator but will explore one of the features that can help us solve the errant GTID in a replication topology.

What are errant transactions?

Simply stated, they are transactions executed directly on a replica. Thus they only exist on a specific replica. This could result from a mistake (the application wrote to a replica instead of writing to the source) or by design (you need additional tables for reports).

What problem can errant transactions cause?

The major problem it causes during a planned change in a MySQL replication topology is that the transaction is not present in the binlog and hence …

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