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MySQL: Getting Creative with Partitioning (Performance Results)

I decided to run some very basic performance test comparing the non-partitioned table with a primary key, and a partitioned table with a primary key and a unique constraint enforced via a secondary table explained in my previous post.Overall, it appears that with partitioning, as the data/rows scale, the inserts actually get faster :) This is what I would expect theoretically, so score one for

MySQL: Finally an ability to trace/profile

Finally! The ability to look a little closer into what's happening with SHOW PROFILEHere’s how it works:mysql> set profiling=1;mysql> select count(*) from mysql.user;+----------+| count(*) |+----------+| 5 |+----------+1 row in set (0.00 sec)mysql> show profile;+--------------------------------+----------+| Status | Duration |+--------------------------------+-----

MySQL: Innodb internals

Went to the MySQL Performance Tuning Class last week. I would highly recommend it to any DBA new to MySQL, or any MySQL DBA looking to boost their tuning skills and understanding of some of the various features as they relate to performance.The next few posts will have to do with information I gleaned from that class...It's always good to understand what's happening underneath the covers when it

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