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MySQL: Innodb internals

Went to the MySQL Performance Tuning Class last week. I would highly recommend it to any DBA new to MySQL, or any MySQL DBA looking to boost their tuning skills and understanding of some of the various features as they relate to performance.The next few posts will have to do with information I gleaned from that class...It's always good to understand what's happening underneath the covers when it

MySQL Migration Toolkit

I've been evaluating the latest version of the MySQL Migration Toolkit to work on migrations from SQLServer 2005 to MySQL 5.1Here are some of the things I found so far:Ease of use: Very simple and fast to get up and running - I was able to get multiple databases migrated from SQLServer to MySQL without any special setup or configuration changes. Gui is straight forward and intuitive.Took a

VMWare: The greatest thing since sliced bread

So if you like to try out new things, and you're not using VMWare yet, get with the program!Really, though - it's so easy now (and the VMServer is free) . Just download and install.VMWare lets you run mini virtualized server environments within your current operating system. Yea, there is a little overhead, but for testing and trying out new databases, configurations, applications, it's

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