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#WDILTW – Functions with options

In the late 1990s I learned MySQL and Java at approximately the same time. How did I teach myself? For MySQL I read the online MySQL manual cover to cover. For Java it was the Java Language Specification or Java Programming Language book, again cover to cover. Then for record I read Effective Java, and I was totally lost. I read it three or four years later and then it made sense.

At that time, with MySQL 3.22/3.23 the scope of the product was smaller, so was Java 1.2. I am confident I have forgotten as much as I retain, however it does marvel me when sometimes the most simplest of functionality I do not recall, or perhaps never learned. Today’s What Did I Learn This Week.

In MySQL, there is a TRIM() function, as the name suggests it trims whitespace, or so I thought. It actually does a lot more as the current MySQL 8.0 manual …

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#WDILTW – Creating examples can be hard

This week I was evaluating AWS QLDB. Specifically the verifiable history of changes to determine how to simplify present processes that perform auditing via CDC. This is not the first time I have looked at QLDB so there was nothing that new to learn.

What I found was that creating a workable solution with an existing application is hard. Even harder is creating an example to publish in this blog (and the purpose of this post).

First some background.

Using MySQL as the source of information, how can you leverage QLDB? It’s easy to stream data from MySQL Aurora, and it’s easy to stream data from QLDB, but it not that easy to place real-time data into QLDB. AWS DMS is a good way to move data from a source to a target, previously my work has included MySQL to MySQL, MySQL to Redshift, and MySQL to Kinesis, …

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#WDILTW – What can I run from my AWS Aurora database

When you work with AWS Aurora you have limited admin privileges. There are some different grants for MySQL including SELECT INTO S3 and LOAD FROM S3 that replace the loss of functionality to SELECT INTO OUTFILE and mysqldump/mysqlimport using a delimited format. While I know and use lambda capabilities, I have never executed anything with INVOKE LAMDBA directly from the database.

This week I found out about INVOKE COMPREHEND (had to look that product up), and …

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#WDILTW – To use a RDBMS is to use a transaction

I learned this week that 30+ years of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) experience still does not prepare yourself for the disappointment of working with organizations that use a RDBMS; MySQL specifically; have a released production product, have dozens to hundreds of developers, team leaders and architects, but do not know the importance of, nor use transactions. If I was to ask this when interviewing somebody that would work with a database and the response was it is not important, or not used these days it would be a hard fail.

To use a RDBMS is to understand a very simple principle, a foundation of a transactional system. It is called ACID. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.

In a …

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