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Clustered Index

Introduction In this article, we are going to see what a Clustered Index is and why it’s very important to understand how tables are organized when using a relational database system. B+ Tree The most common index used in a relational database system is the B+ Tree one. Like the B-Tree index, the B+ Tree is a self-balanced ordered tree data structure. Both the B-Tree and the B-Tree start from a Root node and may have Internal Nodes and Leaf Nodes. However, unlike the B-Tree, the B+ Tree stores all the keys... Read More

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The Cost of Useless Surrogate Keys in Relationship Tables

What’s a good natural key?

This is a very difficult question for most entities when you design your schema. In some rare cases, there seems to be an “obvious” candidate, such as a variety of ISO standards, including:

But even in those cases, there might be exceptions and the worst thing that can happen is a key change. Most database designs play it safe and use surrogate keys instead. Nothing wrong with that. But…

Relationship tables

There is one …

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