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Request: What do you want in a OpenSource MySQL Monitoring solution?

What would you like to see in a free enterprise-grade monitoring system for your daily MySQL needs?I’m rewriting Monolith - MySQL DBA Console from the ground up. This will be version 2 and I would like to get some input from the global MySQL community.So far I am going with the following; comment with any improvements/additions.

  • Variable interval polling of server statistics
  • Over 50 different alerts (see list below)
  • Graphing of various server statistics (see list below)
  • Tuning recommendations with cnf file changes to apply to server
  • Change control documents for recommended performance/security tuning
  • Threshold based alerting with multiple alert groups: info,warn,critical
  • Sorting/ordering of servers via groups. ie: client -> dev,stage,prod
  • RSS feeds for each alert group
  • XML export with user defined fields for external applications …
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Project: RSS Feed Storage Using InnoDB #2

So far so good. I have a bit over two hundred RSS entries logged in the database for testing purposes. Today I changed the table structure for for the title and description to support longer entries. Here is the pertinent code.

Add feed function:

function add_feed($item,$site_id) {
$each_title = $item['title'];
$each_link = $item['link'];
$each_desc = $item['description'];
if(isset($item['guid'])) { $each_guid = $item['guid'];} else { $each_guid="";}
if(isset($item['pubDate'])) { $each_pubDate = $item['pubDate'];} else { $each_pubDate="";}
//print "\n$each_desc\n";
INSERT INTO `extrabigassfries`.`feed_items` (
`id` ,
`rss_site_id` ,
`item_title` ,
`item_link` ,
`item_description` ,
`item_guid` ,
`item_pubDate` ,
NULL , …

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Project: RSS Feed Storage Using InnoDB

I’ve been coding a couple of scripts that run on 5 minute intervals to grab RSS/Atom feed data from and import that into a MySQL database. It idea is to create a search function for the site that will look at all past data from the aggregated feeds. Since there are multiple pollers running at different intervals I decided to use Innodb for the read/write nature of the poller/processing scripts.

This is very simple so far - and as such I felt it should be documented from the start unlike many of my other projects. Here’s the feed table that is storing the information from the RSS feeds.

mysql> show create table feed_items\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Table: feed_items
Create Table: CREATE TABLE `feed_items` (
`id` bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`rss_site_id` int(11) …

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