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PXC loves firewalls (and System Admins loves iptables)

Let them stay together.

In the last YEARS, I have seen quite often that users, when installing a product such as PXC, instead of spending five minutes to understand what to do just run

iptables -F

  and save.

In short, they remove any rules for their firewall.

With this post, I want to show you how easy it can be to do the right thing instead of putting your server at risk. I’ll show you how a slightly more complex setup like PXC (compared to MySQL), can be easily achieved without risky shortcuts.

iptables is the utility used to manage the chains of rules used by the Linux kernel firewall, which is your basic security tool.
Linux comes with a wonderful firewall built into the kernel. As an administrator, you can configure this firewall with interfaces like ipchains  — which we are not going to cover — and iptables, which we shall talk about.

iptables is …

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ProxySQL Firewalling

In this blog post, we’ll look at ProxySQL firewalling (how to use ProxySQL as a firewall).

Not long ago we had an internal discussion about security, and how to enforce a stricter set of rules to prevent malicious acts and block other undesired queries. ProxySQL came up as a possible tool that could help us in achieving what we were looking for. Last year I wrote about how to use ProxySQL to stop a single query.

That approach may be good for few queries and as a temporary solution. But what can we do when we really want to use ProxySQL as an SQL-based firewall? And more importantly, how to do it right?

First of all, let us define what “right” can be in this context. …

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