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Arg: relay_log_space_limit is (still) not dynamic !

This will be a short rant: why is relay_log_space_limit still not dynamic ?

This is obviously a rhetorical question.  I see no reason why this MySQL System Variable is not (yet) dynamic.  Obviously, changing the value of this variable could need replication to be stopped (like for slave_parallel_type, slave_parallel_workers and slave_preserve_commit_order), but at least it would not need a MySQL

Write Set in MySQL 5.7: Group Replication

In my previous post, I write that Write Set is not only in MySQL 8.0 but also in MySQL 5.7 though a little hidden.  In this post, I describe Write Set in 5.7 and this will bring us in the inner-working of Group Replication.  I am also using this opportunity to explain and show why members of a group can replicate faster than a standard slave.  We will also see the impacts, on Group Replication,

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