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Lossless RBR for MySQL 8.0?

Lossless RBR TL/DR: There’s been talk of moving the next release of MySQL to minimal RBR: I’d like to suggest an alternative: lossless RBR For MySQL 5.8 there was talk / suggestions about moving to minimal RBR as the default configuration (  I’m not comfortable with this because it means that by default you do not have … Continue reading Lossless RBR for MySQL 8.0?

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What would you like to see in MySQL 5.8?

By my count MySQL 5.7 added over 150 new features, and some of my favourite ones are based on community ideas and contributions:

  1. Statement Timeout (contributed by Davi Arnaut)
  2. Disabled Storage Engines (suggested by the community)
  3. MySQL Command Line client Ctrl+C support fixed (bug reported by the community)
  4. Barracuda + Dynamic row format enabled by default (change made to better support WordPress and …
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