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MariaDB 10.0 Parallel Replication Benchmark Results (and PLAMS and OOW).

My latest post is online on the blog: Evaluating MySQL Parallel Replication Part 3: Benchmarks in Production.  In this post, I present benchmark results on MariaDB 10.0 parallel replication on four production workloads.

This post is also the opportunity to promote my two talks at Percona Live Europe, taking place in Amsterdam from September 21 to 23:

Binlog Servers at

MySQL Parallel Replication and Slave Group Commit

Follow the link above to read my latest article on the developer blog.  It is about MySQL Parallel Replication and a very nice side effect of the MariaDB implementation: Slave Group Commit.

This is also a good opportunity to remind you that I will speak at Percona Live Santa Clara 2015 about 

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