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Arjen also on twitter &

If you'd like to follow shorter scribbles of what I get up to, like my work at Open Query, OurDelta and of course the BlueHackers initiative, I've got myself organised at or (you can pick one, they have the same feed).

drizzle group -

drizzle group -

Join us - you know you want to.

Keep up to date with what’s happenning in Drizzle land.

Doing something with Drizzle? just add “!drizzle” to your update.

FriendFeed room, group, for MySQL

Executive summary: There is now a MySQL Room on FriendFeed, as well as a group for mysql. Community members, developers, dabblers, users, etc. should find these extra avenues useful, in addition to the forums, mailing lists, and even the Forge. Join them now!

There has been a recent uptake of Twitter amongst the MySQL community… Early adopters have been around for ages, even (as we’re slowly approaching Twitter’s third birthday).

However, I’ve been noticing that slowly, …

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