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Changing Roles

"Life is", goes a saying in my native Finland, a country not known for using superfluous words. While this saying may take compactness a tad too far, it's a great way to say "things happen", mostly to stoically adapt, sometimes to justify actions taken in order to adapt. The brevity of the expression adds not just to the perceived wisdom, but also makes resistance futile. The expected and usual reaction is agreement; I have yet to experience a situation where somebody would counterargue that "life is not".

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Thoughts and MaxDB and MySQL

Do note: This is my personal blog, and all thoughts expressed here are my own, and are not necessarily shared by my employer.

So... I was talking with my cohort, Ulf about the future of MySQL and MaxDB.

He got me thinking about what the relationship between MySQL and SAP/MaxDB really is. What does the "partnership" mean a few levels below the VP?

To me, it means that, going forward, I expect to see a lot of communication and camaraderie between the MySQL and MaxDB developers. I expect to see a lot of MaxDB's rock solid, tried and true code become shared libraries which are then linked against by MySQL. I expect to see a lot of MySQL's tools that provide the usability and simplicity that the community has come to expect from them generalized in such a way that they can be used to administer a MaxDB system. I expect to see MaxDB adopt …

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