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Thoughts and MaxDB and MySQL

Do note: This is my personal blog, and all thoughts expressed here are my own, and are not necessarily shared by my employer.

So... I was talking with my cohort, Ulf about the future of MySQL and MaxDB.

He got me thinking about what the relationship between MySQL and SAP/MaxDB really is. What does the "partnership" mean a few levels below the VP?

To me, it means that, going forward, I expect to see a lot of communication and camaraderie between the MySQL and MaxDB developers. I expect to see a lot of MaxDB's rock solid, tried and true code become shared libraries which are then linked against by MySQL. I expect to see a lot of MySQL's tools that provide the usability and simplicity that the community has come to expect from them generalized in such a way that they can be used to administer a MaxDB system. I expect to see MaxDB adopt …

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