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MySQL .NET Entity Framework Code-First Migration

I was recently downloading and trying to run a MySQL docker image  which worked just fine on top of a Hyper-V based Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Don’t worry, this is still Entity Framework Code-First migration article with Visual Studio 2015 and MySQL 5.6.27 (latest as of today). I setup a Docker MySQL Image on my Ubuntu based Docker host. I was thinking what could be a best way to test this instance out with .NET than testing it with our good friend Entity Framework Code-First migration. This is really going to hit the MySQL instance hard by creating DB on its own and creating all the Model Tables on its own with little or no involvement of MYSQL DDL /DMLs. Prerequisites : – To start using Entity Framework 6 and Visual Studio 2015 is necessary to install

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Connector/NET 6.8.3 is available as official MySQL Nuget packages

Dear MySQL users,

We are proud to announce that we have made the open source version of our Connector/NET 6.8.3 is available as official MySQL Nuget packages.

Currently we have 3 nuget packages which contain:

  • MySQL Connector/NET Core
  • MySQL Connector/NET for Entity Framework 6
  • MySQL Connector/NET Web providers
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