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Upgrading Kubuntu Jaunty to MariaDB 5.2 RC

MariaDB 5.2.2 RC was released a few weeks ago, and last night I finally upgraded my workstation to have a look. I had to perform several APT related steps to upgrade, so these notes are more a commentary on apt(-get) than MariaDB itself (more on that later) and I'm mostly writing this down for future reference, should I need to do this again for the next upgrade.

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Musings on MySQL Proxy

When seeing that the MySQL Proxy was released, I decided to try to experiment with it since I see strong potential with this tool, both for replication and for other uses (recall that I'm a replication guy, so this is my primary focus). I'm actually on vacation, but this will of course not stop me from tinkering with things (I know, I'm just a hopeless case in this aspect ;) ).

After reporting a minor bug, I managed to build and run it with some sample scripts. I'm using Kubuntu Feisty, and had some initial problems, but it was actually pretty straightforward. I'll repeat the steps anyway, in case anybody else have problems.

  1. Get the source from the repository svn co mysql-proxy
  2. Make sure you have all packages necessary. Several of the packages …
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