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The importance of backup verification

I have recently moved to HP's Advanced Technology Group which is a new group in HP and as part of that I will be blogging a lot more about the Open Source things I and others in HP work on day to day.  I thought I would kick this off by talking about work that a colleague of mine, Patrick Crews, worked on several months ago.

For those who don't know Patrick, he is a great Devops Engineer and QA.  He will find new automated ways of breaking things that will torture applications (and the Engineers who write them). I don't know if I am proud or ashamed to say he has found many bugs in code that I have written by doing the software equivalent of beating it with a sledgehammer.

Every Devops Engineer worth his salt knows that backups are important, but one thing that is regularly forgotten about is to check whether the backups are good.  A colleague of mine …

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Stackforge Libra - Balance your life!

I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front for quite a long time now.  The main reason for this is I have been working very hard on leading a small team which is developing a Stackforge project called 'Libra'.  As you can probably guess from the name, Libra is a Load Balancer as a Service system.  Many of you may not of heard of it but according to Stackalytics it was the 27th biggest project in terms of code contributed during Havana and 2nd biggest in HP (something I am especially proud of because it has been one of the smallest teams in HP Cloud).

It is based on the Atlas API specifications, creates software-based load balancers, is implemented in Python and sits on top of Nova instances rather than working under the cloud.  It also has several unique features which could be …

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First version of Drizzle Tools for MySQL servers released

Today marks the first release of Drizzle Tools for MySQL servers.  Drizzle Tools aims to be a collection of useful utilities to use with MySQL servers based around the work on the Libdrizzle Redux project.

In this first version there is one utility in the tree called 'drizzle-binlogs'.  If you've seen me talk about this tool before it is because it used to be included in the Libdrizzle 5.1 source but has now been moved here to be developed independently.  For those who haven't 'drizzle-binlogs' is a tool which connects to a MySQL server as a slave, retrieves the binary log files and stores them locally.  This could be used as part of a backup solution or a rapid way to help create a new MySQL master server.

Due to the API changes before the Libdrizzle API became stable Drizzle Tools requires a minimum of Libdrizzle 5.1.3 to be …

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