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New feature: Microseconds in DATE/TIME values

MariaDB 5.3 and up and MySQL 5.6 RC introduced real support for milliseconds:

HeidiSQL now lets you define a LENGTH/SET value for data types which allow a microsecond precision (0-6, where 0 is the default). Also, when editing such TIME, TIMESTAMP or DATETIME values in a grid, HeidiSQL lets you press arrow up/down to increase/decrease the microseconds part of the underlying value. Thanks to rjgebis for the report and documentation links.

Christmas Offer – 25% flat discount on all products!

We are really getting into the Christmas spirit this year, so we are offering 25% flat discount on all your purchases in the run-up to the big day. Time to go shopping again and buy yourself a gift, and make super savings of the year.

It’s a limited period offer, so head right away to the Online Shop and apply the coupon code save25.

Team Webyog


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Jet Profiler for MySQL 3 release

We are excited to announce that the new version of Jet Profiler for MySQL 3 is finally available.

This release includes the following important improvements:
- SSH Tunneling - connect to remote database servers using SSH tunneling.
- HTML Reports - makes saving and sharing the profiling results easier.
- Japanese translation.
- Improved memory management for large result sets.
- Bug fixes.

We also offer a completely new solution called Jet Profiler Enterprise. In addition to all the features in the professional version, it allows multiple instances so you can record from many databases at once. It also supports command line scheduling for automated recording.

For more details please read …

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Are You Part of OurSQL Events?

OurSQL, the MySQL Database Community Podcast, lists events, conferences and training that are relevant to MySQLers around the world. Gerry and Sheeri get the information for events/conferences/training from Planet MySQL and Oracle, SkySQL and Percona websites. Often, webinars are posted to Planet MySQL a week or 2 before they happen, which is not enough lead time for the podcast. We usually record on Tuesdays and publish on Fridays, with the understanding that not everyone listens to the podcast on Friday. So on the podcast, we talk about events that are at least 1 week from publication date. For example, we are recording today (Tue 20 Nov) for a podcast that will be published Friday (23 Nov). We will talk about events, conferences and training that will happen Sunday, December 2nd or later.

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451 Research & ScaleBase Share Tips for Choosing a Next-Gen Database

Industry Leading Database Analyst Matt Aslett, MySQL Pioneer Doron Levari and Industry Veteran Paul Campaniello Host Webinar on The New World Order of NoSQL, NewSQL & MySQL BOSTON – November 7, 2012 — Picking the wrong database can result in slow performance or downtime, frustrated customers and lost revenue.  But navigating the new world order of [...] Read More

50% discount on Friday 26 October!

We're excited to announce that Jet Profiler for MySQL will be featured on BitsDuJour, a 'deal-of-the-day' website that offers extensive, one-time discounts on a variety of great products.

Jet Profiler for MySQL will be featured at BitsDuJour on Friday, 26 October, at the dramatically reduced price of $249.50 (50% discount). The normal purchase price for Jet Profiler for MySQL is $499.00!

If you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested in Jet Profiler for MySQL, please let them know about this sale. We can't afford to offer this kind of discount often, and it will only be available on BitsDuJour for a single day.

Visit the promotion page on BitsDuJour on Friday 26 October to get Jet Profiler for MySQL for $249.50.

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Analyst Webinar: Matt Aslett, 451 Research: Choosing a Next-Gen Database – The new world order of NoSQL, NewSQL & MySQL

Choosing a Next-Gen Database: The new world order of NoSQL, NewSQL & MySQL Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

The database market is becoming increasingly complex and is changing on an almost daily basis.  Matt Aslett is the Research Manager for Data Management and Analytics at 451 Research.  He has overall responsibility for the coverage [...] Read More

Top MySQL Blogs You Should Be Reading

There’s a lot happening in the world of MySQL and it’s really vital to be up-to-date with the latest advancements in this field to stay ahead of the game. Reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” The easiest way to stay updated is by reading blogs. There are loads of blogs talking about MySQL, and even more for databases in general, so which of these really matter and are worth your time and attention?

We’ve handpicked the best MySQL community/ experts blogs and grouped them into various categories. You can also add these great blogs to your RSS reader to get all industry news, tips that you will ever need all in one place. If you prefer the micro blogging platform twitter for real time updates/ news can subscribe to all of them on our twitter list.

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ScaleBase & Codership Partner to Deliver Ultimate Database & Application Performance

Industry’s First Unified Database Scalability & Replication Solution Now Available for MySQL Environments PERCONA LIVE – NEW YORK – October 1, 2012 — ScaleBase, the company enabling next generation applications that require big data transactional processing, and Codership, the market leader in synchronous multi-master replication, are teaming up to deliver the industry’s first unified database scalability and [...] Read More

Monitoring your MySQL configuration

While monitoring MySQL servers, managing their configuration becomes important. There could be a need of comparing configuration of one or more MySQL or a server’s running configuration with that of its own My.cnf. Let me explain this a little more.

If you are in a situation where a server ‘A’ is performing better than a server ‘B’ while both have the same resources and environment, then the first thing you might want to do is compare their configuration. Then, make the configuration changes in server ‘B’ looking into ‘A’. There by fine tuning ‘B’ to level up to ‘A’. Comparing MySQL configurations is the key here.

When you change a MySQL Global variable when the server is running, for reasons like – fine tuning your application or upgrading your MySQL or any other, the changes do not persist. In other words, these changes are lost forever when the server restarts and the old values are reverted …

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