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Can't initialize function 'INNODB'; Plugin initialization function failed

So running mysql-5.1.24rc with INNODB-Plugin-1a I ran into "Can't initialize function 'INNODB'; Plugin initialization function failed", and noticed a more serious issue with the whole plugin architecture.

Before without plugin if the engine died so did mysqld. Now, mysqld can stay up and accept connections. But what if you have 1000 mysql instances, and all of your Nagios checks where to test if mysqld was up and accepting connections? This entire test is now invalid. I now need a Nagios check to test if the plugin-engine is up, by doing a write to the engine.

Now to the cause of the issue:

Here is my condition. 5.1.24rc with INNODB-Plugin was killed by OOM killer (mysqld memory leak?). When it came back, my expectation was for innodb to go through a recovery process, it didn't. Strange. Then I got this message from replication.

Slave: Unknown table engine 'InnoDB' Error_code: …

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Variable's Day Out #10: innodb_file_per_table


Applicable To InnoDB
Server Startup Option --innodb-file-per-table
Scope Global
Dynamic General InnoDB Engine: No
InnoDB plug-in: Yes
Possible Values Enable|Disable Flag
Default Value Disabled
Category Maintenance


This variable if enabled, makes InnoDB to create a separate .ibd file for storing indexes and data. Setting this variable makes it easy to manage disks with huge tables. Having …

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InnoDB plugin row format performance - II

This is a continuation post on InnoDB plugin row format performance with few more test scenarios to cover based on the feedback and questions that I got in my Inbox.

This time the initial table looks like this

CREATE TABLE `sbtest` (
  `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `k` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `c` char(120) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `pad` char(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),

This time, the table does not have a secondary index in the create time, instead it will be added after the table is populated with the data to test the performance of the new faster index support from the plugin. I also added a new scenario to test 2K compression as we noticed 4K …

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MySQL 5.1.24, InnoDB plugin 1.0 failures, server crash

Looks like the InnoDB plugin is completely broken with MySQL-5.1.24; at least there is no luck for me so far to set it up right. First, the Makefile is broken. Second, I tried to do a static build of InnoDB plugin with MySQL server (–enable-innodb and –with-plugin-innobase) resulted in partial InnoDB plugins (Information schema) missing the main one as shown below:

   1:  mysql> show plugins;
   2:  +---------------------+--------+--------------------+---------+---------+
   3:  | Name                | Status | Type               | Library | License |
   4:  +---------------------+--------+--------------------+---------+---------+
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