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I keep on with my productivity little tricks. This time I’m sharing some of my firefox shortcuts. I’m not in the mood for explaining how to actually install these, so check out the excellent article Firefox and the art of keyword bookmarking, if you need help.

# Dictionary search

# Yahoo finance stock

# Wikipedia page

# Search in MySQL website/manual

# BitTorrent search

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Dear Lazyweb. Extracting all the certs from old Mozilla security dbs

Dear Lazyweb,

I have all my old .netscape and .mozilla directories for all my past installations of Netscape, Mozilla, and Firebox, going back to 1996. I've got cert.db, cert5.db, and cert7.db files.

I want to extract out all of the certs and keys that I had added to those databases, and then import them into my current ~/.mozilla database.

Reading the docs and futzing around with NSS signtool, certutil, and pk12util isn't getting me very far.

Surely there is a tool or technique do doing this...

O?Reilly Open Source Conference Day One


SCALE 5x: The SoCal Linux Expo 2007

Ilan Rabinovitch let me know that the SCALE team is getting started on version 5x of the SoCal Linux Expo.

In past years, SCALE has been a great community event - the ratio of promoters to real Linux enthusiasts is low and the attendees are friendly. Also, like most other Linux conferences, attendees have a strong interest in many other FLOSS community issues and technologies, like BSD, Firefox, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Free Software licensing and so on. Hopefully I can attend this year (and can wear both my eZ hat and my Mozilla hat for the event).

The event will happen from February 10-11 and will be held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel.

Get more details at: …

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Wes on MySQL Searching.

I often hear complaints about how bad the MySQL manual’s native search functions are. Wes recently posted an entry on using firefox key word searching to solve the problem. This is such a great post I have decided to share it with all of you. I also want to add that the MySQL’s questionable site search can be avoided all together by using yahoo’s site search. To use this search URL goto Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks. Navigate to your Wes style bookmark. Change the Location to this url:

Now your keyword search will use yahoo to return more relevant pages only in english. If you want to use a different language change lang_en in the url to the language you prefer. Thanks Wes!

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