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This Weekend in Japan

We were happy to see a lot of folks from Japan on Twitter this weekend having a discussion about MySQL and Tokutek. While we always endeavor to explain ourselves as simply as possible, hearing what users and peers have to say and ask in their native language is very helpful. Here is a sampling of several of the 30+ tweets and re-tweets (translations courtesy of a colleague I know from frequent past visits to Tokyo and Yokohama):


First, @frsyuki provided a general overview:

“TokuDB” 新種のMySQLストレージエンジン。INSERTが20〜80倍ほど速い、パーティションなしで数TBのデータを突っ込める、MVCCサポートなど。Fractal Treeというアルゴリズムを実装しているらしい。

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Dude, Where’s my Fractal Tree?

Unless you are Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), or one of his Hollywood buddies, you don’t need to read any further. Allow me to explain…

Over the weekend, we launched our new website. This type of announcement used to be interesting in the high-tech world. I heard Kara Swisher of the WSJ’s All things D speak at a MassTLC event in May.  She admitted back in the 1990s, when the web was just getting into high gear, that a new website from an interesting company might actually get some coverage. Not anymore.

I’ve also been told at all the SEO classes I’ve …

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Understanding Indexing – SF MySQL Meetup

At this week’s SF MySQL Meetup, I will give a talk: “Understanding Indexing: Three rules on making indexes around queries to provide good performance.” The meetup is 7 pm tomorrow (Wednesday, 6/22), and will be held at CBS Interactive (235 2nd St., San Francisco). Thanks to hosts Erin O’Neill and Mike Tougeron for the invitation and location.

Application performance often depends on how fast a query can respond and query performance almost always depends on good indexing. So one of the quickest and least expensive ways to increase application performance is to optimize the indexes. This talk presents three simple and effective rules on how to construct indexes around queries that result in good performance.

This is a general discussion applicable to all databases using indexes and is not specific to any particular MySQL storage engine (e.g., InnoDB, TokuDB, …

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Effective MySQL, a New York City Meetup

Kudos to Ronald Bradford for creating a new MySQL meetup group in New York city and giving MySQL related talks. The next one is tonight, titled “MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite”. Information on it can be found at

We’ll have a contingent from our New York office there this evening. We went to the last one on indexing (a favorite topic of ours) in March and it was excellent.

We look forward to seeing folks there as well as at upcoming NY events, including Percona Live (May 26th) and future Effective MySQL meetups.

Announcing TokuDB v4.1.1

Tokutek is pleased to announce immediate availability of TokuDB for MySQL, version 4.1.1. It is ideally suited for delivering fast response times for complex / high-volume Web applications that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data:

  • Social Networking
  • Real-time clickstream analysis
  • Logfile Analysis
  • eCommerce Personalization
  • High-speed Webcrawling

TokuDB v4.1.1 replaces TokuDB v4.1.0 and is recommended for all users. (We found a bug in v4.1.0 and have withdrawn it from our website). The new version has all of v4.1.0′s new features, including support for SAVEPOINT and an even better Fast Loader. As always, this release uses our high-performance Fractal Tree™ indexing to provide a unique combination of capabilities:

  • 10x-50x faster indexing …
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