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MySQL/Pacemaker scaleout webinar recording available

Yesterday’s webcast is now available for playback.

If you want a PDF of the slides, please leave a note on our web site.

Update, July 19, 2010: We have switched our webinar service provider. The webinar recordings are still available, albeit under a different URL, see this page for details.

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UKUUG Spring Conference 2010

Last week I was in Manchester for the 2010 UKUUG Spring Conference, right .. make that 2 weeks ago , :)

The UKUUG usually hosts the more interesting conferences around ... , it's not just the schedule that attrackts me , yes there's the strong focus towards Larger Scale Unix (and mostly Linux) deployments and how to manage them, but there's also the opportunity to chat in real life with the Devops from across the chunnel.

Spending time with R.I.Pienaar, Julian Simpson, Simon Wilkinson , Alex Davies , Simon Riggs , Josette, and many others is always fun .

As I …

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Complete Pacemaker cluster stack now in Debian

Thanks to the efforts of the Debian HA Maintainers team, the complete Pacemaker cluster stack is now available in Debian GNU/Linux. Packages are currently included only in Debian unstable (“sid“), but we expect them to make their way into squeeze (and lenny, via relatively soon.

See the following links in the Debian package database for details:

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Reminder: MySQL/Pacemaker scaleout webinar Wednesday 1500 UTC

As announced previously, our MySQL/Replication/Pacemaker webinar is on tomorrow (Wednesday April 7) at 1500 UTC. A few seats are still left; you may want to register quickly.

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April Fool

Relax. There is no DRBD Windows port.

And of course, deploying Windows machines in a highly available, synchronously replicated enterprise cloud is something you can do today. Heartbeat, Pacemaker, DRBD, libvirt and KVM make an excellent, fully integrated HA virtualization stack.

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MySQL scale-out with replication and Pacemaker

It seems that the MySQL Conference selection committee didn’t seem to like the talk (and tutorial) I submitted about integrating MySQL Replication with the Pacemaker cluster stack, enabling full MySQL scale-out in an environment you previously knew only for its synchronous-replication High Availability features. But — fear not, my fellow HA geeks! — we are instead making the talk available for free, over the web, one week ahead of the conference.

In this 45-minute presentation, we will give an overview about

  • the Pacemaker cluster stack and the Linux-HA project it evolved out of;
  • the current state of MySQL integration in Pacemaker, and of course
  • leveraging Pacemaker’s built-in clone infrastructure for MySQL Replication.

It’s pretty cool stuff that the Linux-HA …

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Contributing resource agent patches to Linux-HA

If you contribute a resource agent to the Linux-HA repository, we love you. If you contribute a patch to an existing resource agent, and fix an bug or add functionality, we love you too. If you persist through the constructive criticism by nitpicks like myself on the linux-ha-dev mailing list, we love you even more.

And here’s a couple of ideas for making the process easy:

  • Please please please send patches. Working in a Mercurial checkout and then using hg export or hg email makes reviewing and merging your patch a breeze.
  • If you really do not want to familiarize yourself with Mercurial, then please take your version of the RA, …
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Got Interviewed

by @botchagalupe
on Virtualization, Open Source tools and DNS Problems

Technorati Tags: dnsproblem drupal ha heartbeat linux-ha mysql pacemaker puppet virtualization xen

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Nines , Damn Nines and More Nines

Funny how different experiences lead to different evaluations of tools. The MySQL HA solutions the MySQL Performanceblog list, are almost listed in the complete opposited order of what my impressions are.

Ok agreed, I should probably not put my MySQL NDB experiences from 2-3 years ago with multiple Query of deaths and more problems than you into account anymore , but back then went in the list Less stable than a single node. I've had NDB POC setups going down for much more than 05:16 minutes
Ndb comes with a lot of restrictions, there are

As for MySQL on DRBD, I've said this before , I love DRBD, but having to wait for a long InnoDB recovery after a failover just kills your uptime ,

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DRBD Management Console

Wow, check out what just came out from Linbit: The DRBD Management Console. Written in Java (so it runs anywhere), completely open source (GPLv3), and allows you to manage DRBD and Heartbeat based clusters. You can install, configure, see your systems graphically, and a lot more. I’m interested to try the beta out, as soon as I get back to my lab (sitting in the airport now). If you know how to use DRBD/Heartbeat, and use it in production for your MySQL setup, it might be a good application to test out, and improve if need be.

From the screenshots, I’m surprised this isn’t a value added extra that Linbit would like to charge for. Kudos, Linbit, for keeping it GPLv3!

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