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On the road with Dups

Now that Dups is the Community Relations Manager for North America, we'll start working together in the most active way. Next week, we'll be busy at meetups in New York and Baltimore, and then it will be full immersion in Charlottesville for the Open SQL Camp.

Meet Dups, our new MySQL Community Manager in North America!

My prayers have been answered.

We have found a worthy replacement for Jay Pipes: Dups.

  • Dups joined MySQL in July 2007.
  • Dups until recently was in the MySQL Web Team, and has joined us now.
  • Dups comes from Canada (Newfoundland).
  • Dups even lives in Canada (Montreal).
  • Dups will roam the North American continent to serve the MySQL community, to learn from it, to explain Sun to the community, and to explain the community to Sun.
  • Dups is sometimes mistaken for Colin Charles, because of similarities in physical appearance.
  • Dups has a somewhat challenging name, Duleepa Wijayawardhana.

I’m very happy we got Dups as our Jay clone, because

  • Dups is a MySQL user since last century.
  • Dups knows MySQL very well.
  • Dups is an excellent communicator: he structures his thoughts clearly and writes an enjoyable …
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Good Luck Jay, Welcome Dups!

Jay Pipes has joined the Drizzle project, and we have been busy looking for a replacement. Cloning Jay Pipes brought serendipitous results. You know that cloning is not an exact science, and we could not get a perfect replica. Perhaps it was a MySQL replication issue. We should try with row-based logging, next time. Anyway, we were looking for a replica of Jay's skillset, and instead we found a match for the kind of enthusiasm that brought Jay to start working for MySQL in 2006 and then to embrace Drizzle this year.

Exit Jay, whom we will miss dearly. He was the first person that I met in the MySQL community who went to work for the company. That's when I started thinking that maybe I could become an employee as well. …

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