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Meet Dups, our new MySQL Community Manager in North America!

My prayers have been answered.

We have found a worthy replacement for Jay Pipes: Dups.

  • Dups joined MySQL in July 2007.
  • Dups until recently was in the MySQL Web Team, and has joined us now.
  • Dups comes from Canada (Newfoundland).
  • Dups even lives in Canada (Montreal).
  • Dups will roam the North American continent to serve the MySQL community, to learn from it, to explain Sun to the community, and to explain the community to Sun.
  • Dups is sometimes mistaken for Colin Charles, because of similarities in physical appearance.
  • Dups has a somewhat challenging name, Duleepa Wijayawardhana.

I’m very happy we got Dups as our Jay clone, because

  • Dups is a MySQL user since last century.
  • Dups knows MySQL very well.
  • Dups is an excellent communicator: he structures his thoughts clearly and writes an enjoyable …
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