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Good Luck Jay, Welcome Dups!

Jay Pipes has joined the Drizzle project, and we have been busy looking for a replacement. Cloning Jay Pipes brought serendipitous results. You know that cloning is not an exact science, and we could not get a perfect replica. Perhaps it was a MySQL replication issue. We should try with row-based logging, next time. Anyway, we were looking for a replica of Jay's skillset, and instead we found a match for the kind of enthusiasm that brought Jay to start working for MySQL in 2006 and then to embrace Drizzle this year.

Exit Jay, whom we will miss dearly. He was the first person that I met in the MySQL community who went to work for the company. That's when I started thinking that maybe I could become an employee as well. …

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MySQL Conference Liveblogging: MySQL Performance Under A Microscope: The Tobias And Jay Show (Wednesday 2:00PM)
  • Jay Pipes, Tobias Asplund
  • Finding out the number of rows that would have been returned (MyISAM and InnoDB)
    • COUNT(*)
    • MEMORY table
    • if query cache is on, then it makes no difference
    • if it's off
      • Memory MyISAM is fastest
      • FOUND_ROWS() is slightly slower than count(*)
    • more in the slides that I'll add later
  • quite a lot of humor, these guys are fun
  • query union vs index_merge union
      SELECT … WHERE a AND b
    • index_merge wins
  • composite index vs index merge
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