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OpenLampTech MySQL Extras – Substack Writing

Not only do I share the weekly OpenLampTech newsletter, but I’m also publishing some articles outside of the publication, directly to my Substack page. I’m resharing the last 2 I’ve posted over on my Substack for any interested readers…

Do you need to learn MySQL? Just starting and confused about how to query a table and get the data you need? I am creating premium MySQL Beginners content for this specific reason. To help those who want to learn the basics of MySQL but don’t know where to start. Learn more about the premium blog posts as I develop and release them.

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MySQL SHOW TABLES – Two Variations

This post is an excerpt from some premium content I am creating here on my blog for beginners wanting to learn MySQL.

Read the full substack article: …

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CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder where() function and parameter structure with MySQL

In SQL, the WHERE clause filters rows returned by the FROM clause table in SELECT queries using one or more search condition filters. Oftentimes, in application development, we accept user input values which in turn, are the WHERE clause conditional filters against the table columns. In this post, I am covering the CodeIgniter 4 where() function and parameter binding for safer filtering in SELECT queries. Continue reading and see examples in MySQL…

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If you …

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CodeIgniter 4 Query Helper getLastQuery() method – MySQL Prototyping

I’m resharing a post I first published over on my Medium account for interested readers here. As you know, SQL is my passion and sweet spot. But, I also have an affinity for PHP and CodeIgniter. Continue reading and learn how I prototype Query Builder patterns in CodeIgniter 4…


If you enjoy the content written here, by all means, share this blog and your favorite post(s) with others who may benefit from or like it as well. Since coffee is my favorite drink, you can even buy me one if you would like!

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

CodeIgniter 4 Query Helper methods

I use the CodeIgniter 4 Query Helper, $db->getLastQuery() method a great deal to learn just how Query Builder methods are mapping to the actual SQL …

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My Friendly Medium List

Hey everyone, I’m creating a dedicated page of ‘Friend links‘ for all of my Medium first articles and blogs. Continue reading to learn more and how to gain access to them…

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Medium’s Friend Link

If you’re a paying Medium member, not only can you read unlimited blog posts by any author on the platform, but you can also publish your blog posts and articles behind the paywall and earn some money from them. Every article you put behind the paywall also has a ‘Friend …

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5 PHP Date Functions and Their MySQL Equivalents

Anyone working with data is going to encounter date values at some point. Dates are necessary for many reasons. If you’re a PHP/MySQL Developer, you have date function options for both the database and your programming language of choice. In this post, I cover 5 PHP date functions and their (somewhat) MySQL equivalents with examples of each. Continue reading…


If you enjoy the content written here, by all means, share this blog and your favorite post(s) with others who may benefit from or like it as well. Since coffee is my favorite drink, you can even buy me one if you would like!

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

Table Of Contents

  1. PHP: date_format() | MySQL: DATE_FORMAT()
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CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder set() function with update()

CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder class has an update() function used to process UPDATE Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands. Using update() as a standalone function call is perfectly valid. However, there is also a set() function used for setting column values as you would with the SET keyword in an SQL UPDATE statement. Used in conjunction with the Query Builder where() function, you can easily UPDATE column values for an individual row or multiple rows. Continue reading for more information…

Image by  …

[Read more] issue #4

Over the weekend I’ve published another issue of, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers. There is plenty of great curated content for you so dive right in and enjoy!

If you’re a PHP/MySQL developer, this free weekly newsletter is for you.

I’ve curated some great reads for you this week from around the web. Stories you can enjoy in this issue are:

  • Distance querying with MySQL geospatial functions in Laravel
  • Cursors and for loops in MySQL stored procedures
  • Great YouTube channel/video recommendations for learning PHP

Don’t wait on me each week to repost here. Sign up and have each issue delivered directly to your inbox so you don’t miss any.

The monthly deep-dive featured issue releases on the last Friday …

[Read more] issue #3 – 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know

Issue #3 of, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers, is now available. This is the deep-dive/featured piece edition, 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know, and you don’t want to miss it…

Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay 

Deep Dive – Feature Edition

On a monthly basis, in addition to the weekly curated content,

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Use MySQL to generate MySQL for Admin tasks

I recently learned how to use MySQL to generate MySQL statements for several admin-type Data Definition Language (DDL) SQL queries I needed to execute on the server. For many DBA’s this is likely nothing new and in fact, is a well-used tool in their kit. However, I mostly focus on developer-related tasks, so it is a fresh-in-my-mind learning experience. Continue reading for more information…

Some backstory for context

I’ve recently been porting over an existing vanilla PHP application to CodeIgniter 4. One of the new features is bootstrapping all of the necessary MySQL CREATE TABLE statements dynamically based on information parsed from a .fxl file (which is close kin to a .xml file structure-wise).

Each CREATE TABLE statement is complete with FOREIGN KEY constraint clauses to ensure data integrity between linking …

[Read more] Issue #2

Hey friends over the weekend (Friday actually) I’ve published another issue of my weekly newsletter, Continue reading for more information…

This issue is full of great curated reads as well as a specific question I’ve asked readers and the community. Looking for some suggestions on planned migrations for upgrades to my WordPress site.

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

In this weeks newsletter, there’s information on:

Here’s the full issue for you to read. You can always subscribe (it’s free) and have the weekly issue of delivered directly to your inbox. Just think, no more waiting for me to post it here each Monday.

Visit the sign-up form below to …

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