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My Friendly Medium List

Hey everyone, I’m creating a dedicated page of ‘Friend links‘ for all of my Medium first articles and blogs. Continue reading to learn more and how to gain access to them…

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Medium’s Friend Link

If you’re a paying Medium member, not only can you read unlimited blog posts by any author on the platform, but you can also publish your blog posts and articles behind the paywall and earn some money from them. Every article you put behind the paywall also has a ‘Friend …

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CSV – SQL Import/Export Compilation

CSV or SQL? SQL or CSV? How about together? Without a doubt, CSV’s are one of the most common and familiar data interchange formats. Importing and exporting CSV data into or out of an SQL database is a staple process in most every data workflow. I’ve written numerous blog posts on both importing and exporting CSV data in an SQL environment. In this post, I am including all of these specific posts (as of the time of writing) in one easy-to-read and centralized location…

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MySQL Count Weekday occurrences

Each SQL dialect is different in some way, shape, form, or fashion from the next flavor. Some dialects have this function, while others have that function. In this post, I cover porting over Oracle SQL to MySQL in order to count the number of occurrences of a specific weekday found in the current given month (at the time of writing) purely as a learning exercise focused on MySQL DATE functions and the WITH clause…

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