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Replication Checksumming Through Encryption


A problem we occasionally see is Relay Log corruption, which is most frequently caused by network errors. At this point in time, the replication IO thread does not perform checksumming on incoming data (currently scheduled for MySQL 6.x). In the mean time, we have a relatively easy workaround: encrypt the replication connection. Because of the nature of encrypted connections, they have to checksum each packet.

Solution 1: Replication over SSH Tunnel

This is the easiest to setup. You simply need to do the following on the Slave:

shell> ssh -f user@master.server -L 4306:master.server:3306 -N

This sets up the tunnel. slave.server:4306 is now a tunnelled link to master.server:3306. So now, you just need to alter the Slave to go through the tunnel:

mysql> STOP SLAVE;
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MySQL Data Woes... or, Making Use of the Information_Schema

To be fair - I highly doubt it has anything to do with MySQL.Database corruption - that's a different issue, often related to a bug in database code; but this was a data corruption issue, which is always a pain in the you know what to figure out and get fixed.I spent the last day trying to figure out the weirdness in a couple of our databases, digging around, explaining to developers that

Relay binlog corrupt

The slave failed with the error that the relay binlog is corrupt. It had copied close to 12 binlogs from the master and they were yet to be applied. Unfortunately those binlogs have been purged on the master. Now to sync up cleanly we might have to refresh data from the master which can be costly since it was a 290 GB database. We had the option of shutting down the server. We thought we can try our luck with a crazy hack. We shutdown the server. Tried reading the binlog using mysqlbinlog utility from the corrupt position. It failed as expected. Then we tried reading from the next immediate position and it went through fine. Now we had a proof that our hack might work. We opened the and incremented the second row by a value of one. Then we started the server. Boom, the slave started running and we were saved from a great pain of resyncing the slave.

PS : We might have missed one transaction in this hack, but that was ok for …

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Skip duplicate entries in a slave


a moment in time

I pulled the latest 5.1BK sources today and built mysqld. I must admit, it fared pretty well against my little charset tester. 0 failures and over 120 tests done which took >5 hours.

To give a clue to the score last time I run the same tests, here are the bugs I opened!

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That error 127 MyISAM bug finally...

Gotcha: Bug #29838

The bug itself seems so simple to repeat. I'm boggling how it was not seen before. :-0 I really tried too many overly-complex tests, IMHO. Sometimes, it's still best to keep it simple!

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