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Log Buffer #114: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This is the 114th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.

I am sorry to say that this log buffer was supposed to be edited by Dave Edwards, but he’s suffering from severe and long-lasting tooth pain and until his root canal is done he’s KO’d by a killer combo of painkillers and the pain that the painkillers can’t kill. I’ve been there myself, twice, and here’s a tip Dave. It hurts until the dentist takes out the needle. Then the pain goes away while he digs. The pain comes back that night. The next morning it’s worse than ever, unbelievably, writhingly bad. But later that afternoon, blisssssssssssss. :-) Good luck man.

This Log Buffer has been generated in a completely automated way with the help of the incredibly awesome AideRSS.

To give you an idea …

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Random selection, with a bias ...

Say you want to randomly select your employee of the month, but not so randomly, better, you'd like to give your best employees a bigger chance to be selected based on their rating.This is just an example, you could be randomly displaying ads from your customers, but giving an higher chance to be displayed to those who are paying more, there can be a million other example, but I hope you got the

Has them all

A question that pops up frequently on Devshed forums is "How can I get all products that are available in Red and Green colors?" or "How can I find out which customers bought this book and that CD?", solution is simple and I'll provide an example here, it can be made more complicate at your option, but it all boils down to a where and an having condition.Say we have a table that lists all

Data load speed test

I've run some data load tests with various databases using DBMonster, so connecting to databases through JDBC on a WindowsXP personal computer.Here are the results, in both cases I loaded 100 rows in the parent table and 1000 in the child table, with foreign keys enabled.Firebird 2.1 with Jaybird 2.1.3 and DBMonster 1.0.3 (And Java .6)Table structure is:CREATE TABLE GUYS(GUY_ID Integer NOT NULL,

Log Buffer #96: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This is the 96th edition of the weekly review of database blogs, Log Buffer.

Let’s start this one in SQL Server Land, with a question from Dennis Goboshould SQL Server have the CREATE [OR REPLACE] PROCEDURE syntax? There are, he writes, advantages: “When scripting out a database you don?t have to generate if exists…..drop statements,” and disadvantages: “I can overwrite a proc without even knowing it.” Of course, the commenters have opinions of their own, and the piece becomes a straw poll for the desirability of that syntax as a feature.

Aaron Bertrand has one too: …

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Log Buffer #92: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome, readers, to the 92ndLog Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.

Brian “Krow” Aker started an interesting blog-thread with his post, The Death of Read Replication, the crux of which is that object caches, such as memcached, make the DBMS itself a little less central, particularly in “Web 2.0″ scenarios. “What does this mean? Less database servers. Bringing down your load means you push off the load to another tier. . . . Why do I need to go through MySQL at all… unless I just want it as a backup or for ad-hoc reporting?”

Ronald Bradford responds with …

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Two basic indexing tips ...

Here are two basic tips for proper indexing ...Don't mess with datatypes, too often people refer to an attribute defining it as one datatype in a table and as another in different tables, this actually prevents index usage in joins (forget about FKs for this time ;)) See an example here. You could declare a function based index as a workaround, but why don't we all try to make it right?Put

Log Buffer #89: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome to the 89th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.

Welcome, welcome everyone.

In writing this week’s Log Buffer, I’ve had a chance to sit down and read some excellent posts on all sorts of platforms. The depth and breadth of what’s available to house and retrieve data is astonishing.

Many of you who have read my posts will know that I’m a fan of vegetables. They are something most of us don’t eat enough of. Come on DBAs! I think we need to make a collective effort to get healthy. We need you to keep all these systems alive. I say this because I have a new found appreciation for the work we do day in and day out.

Six months ago my wife and I said hello to our baby girl for …

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Simulating procedural logic

Sometimes I see people having great difficulties in describing how to fetch data for a report.They are unable to reason by sets and tend to describe things in procedural terms.Here I'm posting a small example of how you can write a query that reproduces that procedural reasoning and lets the optimizer do the work of translating it into efficient SQL.Say someone has a table structure like this, a

Log Buffer #87: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome the the 87th of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. First up, a couple of items responding to news about H-Store, the new database technology. Nigel Thomas of Preferisco wonders if H-Store is a new architectural era, or just a toy? Too much information, in turn, asks, Is H-Store the future of database [...]

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