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Percona Live MySQL & Expo Conference: GTID Replication slides

If you couldn’t have the chance to attend my session “GTID Replication – Implementation and Troubleshooting” at Percona Live MySQL & Expo Conference in Santa Clara April 13-16, 2015, the slides of my presentation are now available.
The talk was mainly about the new feature in MySQL 5.6 “GTID”, what is the concept, benefits, GTID replication implementation and troubleshooting and how to perform the migration from classic replication to GTID replication in both MySQL 5.6 and 5.7.
If you have any question, feel free to contact me

Spider for MySQL – Overview

Having big tables is one of the expected database problems, especially, for the fast growing database systems. In fact, big tables itself is not a problem but with big tables, the following problems are strongly expected:

  1. Retrieving data from big tables is so slow.
  2. It is a very hard job to maintain those tables like adding/removing an index, adding/dropping/modifying a column, … etc.
  3. System resources, especially, the IO system might not be able to handle such huge traffic of writes and reads.
  4. When it comes to the reporting queries, it might be a horrible nightmare!
  5. Always cause disk space problem.

All the above problems will show up the need for scaling! So, let’s check out what are the possible solutions for that problem:

  • MySQL Partitioning: Is a good solution but we will still face disk space and server resources problems. …
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Speaking at MySQL Conference & Expo April 13-16 2015

In a few weeks, I’ll be speaking at MySQL Conference & Expo about the new major feature in MySQL 5.6, Global Transaction ID (GTID). I’ll explain what is GTID and how to implement a GTID Replication and troubleshoot most of the common issues that might be faced in GTID Replication.
Also, I’ll talk in brief about how to perform the migration from Classic to GTID replication in MySQL 5.6 and the online migration in MySQL 5.7 as well.
My talk is titled “GTID REPLICATION – IMPLEMENTATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING“, more information about my talk can be checked out here.
The conference will be held in …

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Starting to Blogging Again!!

I’ve been working on MySQL since 2008 but I didn’t write any technical blogs until I joined FromDual GmbH and my first blog was published in October 24th 2013! (You can find all my blogs at FromDual here).
I liked writing blogs for many reasons but mainly for the following two:

  1. Sharing knowledge and contributing with MySQL community to make the information easier and available for all.
  2. Very good reference for myself to do my daily work more efficiently.

Now, I’m eager to blog again so I decided to create my own blog, MySQL Step-by-Step Blog.
The idea of choosing the name “Step-by-Step” is I like to explain all steps needed for doing a task – you may have discovered that …

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