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Spider for MySQL – Implementation

In a previous post, I wrote an overview about Spider for MySQL with its advantages and disadvantages. Now I’ll go through a simple example demonstrating how to implement Spider for MySQL.

System information: MySQL instances information (shards):

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Spider for MySQL – Overview

Having big tables is one of the expected database problems, especially, for the fast growing database systems. In fact, big tables itself is not a problem but with big tables, the following problems are strongly expected:

  1. Retrieving data from big tables is so slow.
  2. It is a very hard job to maintain those tables like adding/removing an index, adding/dropping/modifying a column, … etc.
  3. System resources, especially, the IO system might not be able to handle such huge traffic of writes and reads.
  4. When it comes to the reporting queries, it might be a horrible nightmare!
  5. Always cause disk space problem.

All the above problems will show up the need for scaling! So, let’s check out what are the possible solutions for that problem:

  • MySQL Partitioning: Is a good solution but we will still face disk space and server resources problems. …
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