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The top 5 proactive measures to minimize MySQL downtime

I’m happy to announce that the recording for my recent webinar “5 Proactive Measures to Minimize MySQL Downtime” is now available, along with the slides. They can both be found here.

My webinar focused on the top 5 operational measures that prevent or reduce downtime — along with the related business impact in a significant number of customer emergency scenarios.

As a senior consultant on Percona’s 24×7 Emergency Consulting team, I’ve helped resolve a …

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MySQL Webinar: 5 proactive measures to help minimize MySQL downtime, July 17

Failure is an unavoidable part of IT life, but it does not always have to imply MySQL service downtime. In the years I have been working at Percona, I have been involved in many customer emergency cases, and I have seen a good number of problems that could have been avoided or alleviated if relatively simple proactive measures were taken.

On July 17th 2013, at 10 a.m. PDT, I will be delivering a webinar focused on presenting the Top 5 such measures, with the objective of helping you assess your current situation, and implement any needed changes to avoid production downtime in the future. The webinar is titled: “5 Proactive Measures to Minimize MySQL Downtime.”

Later that day, I will be delivering the …

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MySQL Webinars in the Next Few Days

Interested in the latest MySQL information across different topics? Don't miss our webinars taking place this week and next!

Thursday, January 24

What’s New in MySQL Connector/.NET 6.6

The recently released MySQL Connector/.NET 6.6 contains impressive new features and capabilities. Join this technical webinar for a quick overview of MySQL Connector/.NET fundamentals followed by a demo and a deeper dive into MySQL Connector/.NET 6.6 technologies.

Learn More and Register Now

Tuesday, January 29

MySQL Enterprise Edition Management Tools

MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, and uptime. In this webinar, we will focus …

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Percona Toolkit Webinar followup Q&A

First, a thank you to everyone who attended the webinar Today, I appreciate your time and nice comments. As promised, here are answers to questions that couldn’t be answered during the talk:


Q: How do you install the tools?

The manual has full details, but it’s important to know that the latest release for every tool is also available for direct download in a url like this:<tool-name>. I use this a lot when I just need a specific tool and I’m working on a server without the toolkit installed.

Q: How to make the tools connect to MySQL

The slides are now available here, and slide 7 provides a basic introduction to Data Source Names, with more details available …

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Webinar: 10 Percona Toolkit tools every MySQL DBA should know about

On December 19th at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific, I will be giving a
webinar entitled “10 Percona Toolkit Tools Every MySQL DBA Should Know

As a Consultant, I make heavy use of Percona Toolkit tools while
solving customers’ problems, and I have used this experience to select
what I consider to be the top 10 tools everyone working with MySQL
should know about. I will present each of the selected tools using
examples based on real-world cases.

You can sign up by clicking the “Register” button here. Hope to see
you next week!

Free Webinar: MySQL Enterprise Backup - Online "Hot" Backup for MySQL (EN,IT) - January 20, 2011

Online backup has been one of the most requested features for MySQL. With MySQL Enterprise Backup, developers and DBAs have tools they need to safely and rapidly backup and restore their databases. In this webinar we will go into the advantages of Hot "Online" backups. We will show how MySQL Enterprise Backup supports full, incremental, partial, and compressed backups that allow you to perform consistent Point-in-Time Recovery, as well as saving both time and money.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Backup Strategies & Methods
  • Comparison of backup types for MySQL
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup: Features
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup Performance
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup: Architecture
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup: How it Works
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup: Script Examples

Mike Frank and Alex Roedling for the …

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Recordings for webinars are now online

We've just published the recordings for our webinars; Migrating MyISAM to InnoDB and Introduction to Percona Server, XtraDB and Xtrabackup.  To listen, click on (Watch: Recorded Webinar) on each of these links.

We're planning for future webinars next year.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Entry posted by Morgan Tocker | 5 comments

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Doing Re-run of Migrating MyISAM to Innodb Webinar

We had some technical difficulties with Webex today which prevented from all registered attendees to be able to join webinar. I personally would be very upset having booked my time to attend event, pre-registered to ensure there is a space available and when unable to join at the time of event (which is frankly exactly what happened to me).

As result we have scheduled Migrating MyISAM to Innodb webinar to run again on Tuesday, December 7 at 9AM Pacific (Same Time). Here is direct link if you would like to register.

Note we also Webinar on Percona Server, Xtrabackup and XtraDB next week which is great if …

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Webinar: Introduction to Percona Server, XtraDB and Xtrabackup

We've had such a large number of signups to our Migrating MyISAM to InnoDB webinar, that we decided to hold one more before the year is out:

December, 8th 9AM PST: Introduction to Percona Server, XtraDB and Xtrabackup.

As the title suggests: this presentation is an introduction.  We will be running through the main aspects that change, and where you can expect to get the most benefit.

This will be a technical talk, but perhaps less technical than some of

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Webinar: Designing MySQL Databases (Italian) - Nov, 25@10am CET

We already have more that 500 registrants for this MySQL web seminar. Join us and the crowd to learn the design dos and don'ts for MySQL. We will show you how to design, forward and reverse engineer databases including discussions on datatypes, indexes, and foreign keys for various application scenarios.

In this technical presentation, we will cover:

  • MySQL design basics
    • Data Modeling Basics
      • Physical and Logical Models
      • "Dos" and "Don'ts"
    • How to design MySQL for your specific application
      • Datatypes
      • Indexes
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