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Magic deadlock: what locks are really set by InnoDB?
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Megabytes of text had been written already on InnoDB locking and deadlocks. Still, even very simple cases of deadlocks while working with a table having only one row sometimes make people wonder what happened and why.

Today I want to check if this topic is explained well in the manual and existing blog posts and understood properly. So, it's an exercise for my dear readers and those who like to report bugs as much as I do.

Let's consider a very simple example. In session #1 with default transaction isolation level execute the following:
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `c1` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `c1` (`c1`)
insert into tt values(1,1); -- insert a row there
select * from tt; -- check that

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Submissions at Percona Live Santa Clara 2014 and Lightning talks
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The call for participation at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2014 is now closed. There have been more than 320 submissions, and this will keep the review committee busy for a while.

One important point for everyone who has submitted: if you have submitted a proposal but haven’t included a bio in your account, do it now. If you don’t, your chances of being taken seriously are greatly reduced. To add a bio, go to your account page and fill in the Biography field. Including a picture is not mandatory, but it will be definitely appreciated.

Although the CfP is closed for tutorials and regular sessions, your chances of becoming a celebrity are not over yet. The CfP is still

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Fun with Bugs #17 - Oldies but Goldies
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I've just noted the date... 8 years ago I had my first official working day as a support engineer in bugs verification team of MySQL Support at MySQL AB. Why not to celebrate this anniversary with a blog post about bugs?

So, here they are, 12 oldest bugs in MySQL software that are still just "Verified" (it should mean they are accepted, but not yet fixed):
  • Bug #2 - MySQL Connector/J doesn't make toast. I knew that Connector/J must be the most broken MySQL software (as I hate Hibernate). Now you can see how much it is broken, and nobody cares to fix it since 2002! This is a real shame...
  • Bug #199 - Innodb autoincrement counter is lost on restart. This great report from Peter Zaitsev is still "Verified", since

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    My speaking engagements - Q4 2012
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    After a long pause in the speaking game, I am back.

    It's since April that I haven't been on stage, and it is now time to resume my public duties.

    • I will speak at MySQL Connect in San Francisco, just at the start of Oracle Open World, with a talk on MySQL High Availability: Power and Usability. It is about the cool technology that is keeping me busy here at Continuent, which can make life really easy for DBAs. This talk will be a demo fest. If you are attending MySQL Connect, you should see it!
    • A happy return for me. On October 27th I will talk about open source databases and the pleasures of command line operations at
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    05.12. Doctrine 2
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    Object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks have been around for several years now and for some people, ORM is already outdated by now. As we have seen with other technologies and concepts before, PHP is not exactly what we call an early adopter among the programming languages. Thus it took some time for ORM to grow up in the PHP context.

    There have been some frameworks before Doctrine 2 that implement ORM (remember e.g. Propel) specific tasks but most of them lack the required maturity to be used in large projects. With Doctrine 2, PHP takes a huge step into the right direction – Doctrine 2 is fast, extensible and easy to use.

    This article will take you on a tour through the main concepts of Doctrine 2 in the first part and then explain how to use it in

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    Four short links: 11 February 2012
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  • Phantom of the Flopera (YouTube) -- Bach's Tocata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565) as performed by floppy drives. Creative intimacy with one's tools is a sign of mastery. (via Andy Baio)
  • Save Entire BBC Archive (Ben Goldacre) -- I pointed earlier to the questionable BBC closure of scores of websites in the name of cost-cutting. It's a torrent of an archive of spidered BBC websites. (via Andy Baio)
  • Android Hidden NFC Capabilities Unlocked -- Gibraltar Software Factory, based in Argentina, went through the source
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    Christmas @ MariaDB
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    The Danish "julehjerte" is apparently a Danish/Northern Europe Christmas tradition (at least according to Wikipedia). But hopefully people outside this region will also be able to enjoy this variant:


    I have been doing "julehjerter" ever since I was a small kid, and every Christmas try to do something different with it. As seen above, this year I decided to combine the tradition with the MariaDB logo, and I am frankly quite pleased with the result :-)

    ScaleDB Introduces Clustered Database Based Upon Water Vapor
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    ScaleDB is proud to announce the introduction of a database that takes data storage to a new level, and a new altitude. ScaleDB’s patent pending “molecular-flipping technology” enables low energy molecular flipping that changes selected water molecules from H20 to HOH, representing positive and negative states that mimic the storage mechanism used on hard drive disks.

    “Because we act at the molecular level, we achieve massive storage density with minimal energy consumption, which is critical in today’s data centers, where energy consumption is the primary cost,” said Mike Hogan, ScaleDB CEO. “A single thimble of water vapor provides the same storage capacity as a high-end SAN.”

    The technology does have one small challenge: persistence. Clouds are not known for their persistence. ScaleDB relies on the Cumulus formation, since it is far

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    Log Buffer #182, a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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    This is the 182nd edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. Make sure to read the whole edition so you do not miss where to submit your SQL limerick!

    This week started out with me posting about International Women’s Day, and has me personally attending Confoo (Montreal) which is an excellent conference I hope to return to next year. I learned a lot from confoo, especially the blending nosql and sql session I attended.

    This week was also the Hotsos Symposium. Doug’s

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    Blog Statistics 2009
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    Others have done it, so why shouldn’t I do it, too? Well, usually that’s not my line of thought, but when today I read David Linsin's blog post about his stats I thought I might follow along.

    Overall stats

    The overall visits to my blog – and countless others with no doubt – display the workday/weekend jagged line one would expect. The summer months seem to be a little lower on average, but that’s ok, people deserve their vacations. Blue line is 2009, green line is 2008 for comparison.

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    A chessboard in MySQL: make your moves
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    Playing chess within MySQL? Over the network? In the .. cloud? Yes!

    This is a follow-up post of my 'A chessboard in MySQL' where we create and populate a chessboard. But pieces need to move, and a few wondered how. Easy!

    As an example, white openes with 1.e4:

    mysql> BEGIN;
    mysql> UPDATE chessboard SET e='♙' WHERE x = 4;
    mysql> UPDATE chessboard SET e='' WHERE x = 2;
    mysql> COMMIT;

    Pretty obvious. Now lets put it in a stored procedure (source included in post) so the next move is easier on the fingers and more fun to play. Lets do a 1...e5:

    mysql> CALL move_piece('e','7','e',5);

    The result is the following:

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    A chessboard in MySQL
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    Something to keep you warm during cold winter nights, or cool during hot summer days: a chessboard in MySQL!

    Note: You should see chess pieces here below. If not, you're not watching it using UTF-8, or get yourself a good browser!

    CREATE TABLE `chessboard` (
    `x` tinyint unsigned NOT NULL,
    `a` enum('','♔','♕','♖','♗','♘','♙','♚','♛','♜','♝','♞','♟'),
    `b` enum('','♔','♕','♖','♗','♘','♙','♚','♛','♜','♝','♞','♟'),
    `c` enum('','♔','♕','♖','♗','♘','♙','♚','♛','♜','♝','♞','♟'),
    `d` enum('','♔','♕','♖','♗','♘','♙','♚','♛','♜','♝','♞','♟'),
    `e` enum('','♔','♕','♖','♗','♘','♙','♚','♛','♜','♝','♞','♟'),

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    Clusterious defined
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    clus·te·ri·ous |ˈkləstərēəs;|
    highly pleasant to MySQL Support Engineers: A clusterious issue a day, keeps the spouse away.
    · clusterful : a hard day.

    clusteriously adverb
    clusteriousness noun

    ORIGIN MySQL Support Team: via Sun Microsystems.

    a rare variety of MySQL Support Engineers originally cultivated in Sweden.

    Four short links: 14 August 2009
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  • Page2Pub -- harvest wiki content and turn it into EPub and PDF. See also Sony dropping its proprietary format and moving to EPub. Open standards rock. (via oreillylabs on Twitter)
  • SQL Pie Chart -- an ASCII pie chart, drawn by SQL code. Horrifying and yet inspiring. Compare to PostgreSQL code to produce ASCII Mandelbrot set. (via jdub on Twitter and Simon Willison)
  • How
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    PHP BBQ Munich
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    Yesterday we held our PHP BBQ event at Munich, well it was no BBQ as the weather forecasts predicted rain,which came in the evening, but a nice evening in a beer garden.

    We had more than 30 people there, some leaving early, sme arriving late, covering quite different kinds of participants: PHP core developers, professional PHP users, people doing PHP stuff as hobby, friends and PHP community veterans like Till Gerken. Many people didn't know each other or didn't see each other or some time so we had lot's of discussions, and most of them even weren't about PHP and even many non-IT things were covered, which I find always great. If you want an impression check Ulf's photos. I really hope this makes a good foundation for more regular PHP meetups.

    There will be a few more events of this kind this week in

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    The "Chemistry" of MySQL
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    Searching for MySQL with WolframAlpha, the latest entry in the search engines arena, I had a surprise:

    Interpreting "mysql" as "mycil"
    Input interpretation:
    A further search for chlorphenesin, explains that it is a drug pertaining to the "central muscle relaxants" category.
    Sunday April 19th Games Day
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    The Sunday before the MySQL User Conference is always full of trying to meet up with new or old friends, even if your flight lands after dinnertime. With that in mind, the very first event of the week is MySQL Camp’s “Games Day”.

    From 12 noon until midnight on the Mezzanine of the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel (adjoining the Santa Clara Convention Center), there will be an informal games day. The list of games that are definitely appearing are on the MySQL Forge at:


    There is still one game I would like to see appear (Set), though there is plenty to keep folks busy — board games, a puzzle, decks of cards, even building toys. I’ll probably be knitting, so if you are the crafty sort and

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    Fun with the 387
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    Filed  GCC bug 39228:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    int main()
            double a= 10.0;
            double b= 1e+308;
            printf("%d %d %dn", isinf(a*b), __builtin_isinf(a*b), __isinf(a*b));
            return 0;

    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
    0 0 1
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c -std=c99
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
    1 0 1
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ gcc -o test test.c   -mfpmath=sse -march=pentium4
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
    1 1 1
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ g++ -o test test.c
    mtaylor@drizzle-dev:~$ ./test
    1 0 1

    Originally I found the simple isinf() case to be different on x86 than x86-64, ppc32 and sparc (32 and 64).

    After more research,

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    Seven things
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    Since Kore, Lars and Marcus forced me to write this:
    • Sebastian's first foreign language was Latin, for me Latin was the reason to start programming (by trying to hack the vocabulary trainer my brother wrote, so I learned Basic instead of Latin)
    • I started PHP since I was too dumb to get my Perl CGI scripts working after our home server crashed
    • I still have more Perl books than PHP books
    • Compiling PHP 4.0 on our Pentium 90 home server took a night or so -

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    MySQL Storage Engine based on PHP
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    Sometimes one has weird ideas, or am I the only one? - This specific one is at least a year old, now, during the Christmas days, waiting for New Year's Eve I had the time and mood to finally try it out: MySQL 5.1 has a plugin interface to easily add storage engines. PHP can easily embedded into other applications.  So why not combine these two things? - Writing a MySQL Storage Engine which reads data by calling a PHP script.

    Let's start with a simple example first:

    <?phpfunction create_table($table, $data) {
        return true;

    function open_table($table) {
        return new ArrayIterator(array(

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    Italians strike back
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    What follows is the text of my "Swedish" blog.
    Look mom, I am blogging in Swedish!
    I am starting a blog in Swedish. Now, why should I do such a thing? I usually blog in English, and I don't even bother blogging in my native Italian. Most importantly, I do not speak Swedish at all. So, why bother?
    My friend and colleague Kaj Arnö had the gall of starting a

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    Scary reading advice
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    Inspired by the Arctic Dolphin's scary movies, I dug out some reading advice that I made during the MySQL Developers meeting in Riga.

    Jack Kerouac, On The RoadMap, a fictionalized autobiography of a senior engineer on a cross country bohemian odyssey after failing to deliver 5.1 GA for the fifth time.

    Ken Kesey, One flew over the cuckoo's nested query. A story of love and madness involving a quiet Engineering department. When Jeffrey McMurphy, a convicted felon who's faking insanity to escape a prison sentence, is sent to the Database Group asylum, life changes instantly for the other guests.
    A subtle tragedy involving a

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    T-Dose 2008
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    Roland Bouman and I will be doing a presentation together at T-Dose on October 25th:

    Building Open Source BI solutions with Pentaho and MySQL

    It’s a free conference, feel free to join us there for a chat and/or a drink!

    Until then,

    Translation is Fun!!
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    Morning, I saw Monty's post asking for contribution to drizzle's i18n efforts. I did checked out Hindi language and well I must say translation is a fun activity. 
    If you think that will be as easy as using some online translation tool (I tried Google Translate), you may be wrong. Many sentences that make direct sense in English get completely screwed when translated word by word. Sometimes they are translated into a perfect meaningful sentence and that is when you can laugh out loudly.
    As of now I'm doing Hindi (already 80 translations down) and next I'm gonna pick Punjabi. Wow! I know languages.
    Pentaho changes
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    I’m back at my favorite spot at the Orlando airport:

    This week has gone bye so fast it’s kinda scary.  I got dragged into one meeting after another design session after another knowledge transfer opportunity for 5 days in a row.  After our long working days, the discussions and talks just continued over dinner and beers.

    It was great to meet everyone and as always we had a good time around the office and at the Ale House.  I even managed to stay sober this time around.  Well at least most of the time.

    As always, the thing that struck me the most was how fast Pentaho changes.  It’s almost like visiting a different company every time I drop in.  Since I don’t see the day-to-day changes around the office, the difference between the first time I visited (15 people) and now (70+) is striking.  The office

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    Billy Joel and Databases
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    So, we have all heard that Billy Joel played a concert at Oracle’s OpenWorld in 2007.

    What follows is an actual IRC conversation among Don Seiler, Dave Edwards, and myself:

    (4:02:46 PM) don: ha @ Billy Joel at OOW
    (4:03:38 PM) dave: “We didn’t fire the startup…”
    (4:07:53 PM) don: “we didn’t start the backup”?
    (4:12:53 PM) dave: “Don’t go changin’ . . . your slave and master”
    (4:20:19 PM) ***sheeri shoots Dave
    (4:20:49 PM) sheeri: “I don’t want clever replication, we never could have come this far”
    (4:24:05 PM) sheeri: “And the server sounds like an aero-plane, and replication chugs along as it must…and the inserts go on, replication corrupts, and

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    My Sakila Cube
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    My Sakila Cube (black)
    Originally uploaded by Geert JM VanderkelenThis is maybe an old idea, but still great to do! Thanks to Ronald's tip I could make the cube you see here. Just pure fun!

    Check out how to do on Ned Batchelder's site!

    (Also thanks to Ronald Bradford, I can walk the earth with my good walking shoes! )
    Recycling old MySQL business cards
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    Recycling old MySQL business cards
    Originally uploaded by Geert JM VanderkelenWell, we don't have a policy on what to do with them, so I went creative. Not as creative as Harrison did (where is that picture???), but I like it. It's hanging next to my MySQL certificates. Yes, I'm proud on these things, maybe I'm a bit vain.. But it does look good on the wall of my storage room.

    (btw, this flickr to Google blogging is great!)
    Captain Badly Bunkered
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    A bit of early Sunday morning rhymes at work.. picking up a support shift (not all you read is true: I do not hug cups!):

    The struggle to wake up,
    rubbing eyes and hugging the cup
    Picking up the shift,
    reading email and hoping for no drift
    Reminders better be spam,
    this morning I wish it remain calm

    Oh little hangover
    Why are you here
    Oh little fever
    It must have been the beer

    Still dawn outside,
    soon customers awake, and I can't hide
    If it all stays online,
    all will be good, I'll have a great time,
    But something will have failed,
    and we'll save folks badly bunkered

    Oh five hours of sleep
    Why wasn't it longer
    Oh in bottles I looked deep
    Eight hours, I hope not to linger
    (penned on 20th January 2008) 

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    Rickshaw Run, oh yeah...
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    I've finally come off the waiting list - and my entry to the Winter Rickshaw Run 09 was accepted. I will be spending Christmas and New Years in India, then off for two weeks driving a vehicle that looks like this:

    Yes, two weeks. All of our possessions with us. It's just going to be me and my (other) Australian team mate. Danger, excitement, and probably bad hygiene awaits. If you have suggestions for a team name (team "autocommit=1", "follow the sun"?), or sponsors I should approach let me know!
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