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Slides from Failover or not Failover, that is the question
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Below are the slides from my last talk at this Percona Live Worldwide MySQL Conference. The idea for this talk was proposed by my co-presenter Massimo Brignoli and goes back to a debate on this topic that went through the MySQL blogosphere during last Autumn - which in itself was sparked by an outstanding retrospective published about a MySQL failure at Github.

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MySQL Community Awards 2013 - And the winners are...
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MySQL Community Awards 2013 were announced earlier today at the MySQL Conference & Expo...


It's time again to award persons, applications and companies in the MySQL Community. This is an annual tradition to highlight and give appreciation to some of the things that make MySQL so great.

The first awards were given out in 2005, and since 2010 the winners have been chosen by a community panel of which myself and Shlomi Noach are the co-secretaries. There has been a public nomination period in January and the final voting is done by a panel who are themselves former winners of the award.

The first category is

MySQL Community Awards: Community Contributor of the Year 2013

The first winner is...

Jeremy Cole

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Slides and spreadsheets for my MySQL High Availability tutorial
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Good morning Percona Live visitors! Attached to this post you can find a spreadsheet (both LibreOffice or Excel, as you prefer) that you can use towards the end of my tutorial. I've also attached the slides so you can download a copy of them.

The MEMORY storage engine
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I recently wrote about Where are they now: MySQL Storage Engines and The MERGE storage engine: not dead, just resting…. or forgotten. Today, it’s the turn of the MEMORY storage engine – otherwise known as HEAP.

This is yet another piece of the MySQL server that sits largely unmaintained and unloved. The MySQL Manual even claims that it supports encryption… with the caveat of having to use the SQL functions for encryption/decryption rather than in the engine itself (so,

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Hiring: Perl programmer, PHP programmer, UI/UX consultant
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I don’t get to say this often, but “I’m hiring” (at Percona):

I’ve been with Percona for about 5 years, so I can tell you: it’s probably the best company to work at: great pay, great benefits, great people, and truly driven by a desire to do right by customers and do good work.  What more can you ask for?  Of course, all these jobs are MySQL-related: Perl + MySQL, PHP + MySQL–maybe the UI/UX job less so, but still close enough.

Detecting if a MySQL server supports partitioning
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This morning, this Percona XtraBackup bug came to my attention: - basically, it’s now really quite tricky to determine if a MySQL server you’re connected to supports partitioning or not.

If you’re connected to anything less than MySQL 5.6, you can use have_partitioning variable. But since that’s gone in 5.6, you’re going to get a false negative if you’re connected to 5.6. You could use INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS table, but that’s not there in 5.0, so you have some added workarounds to add there too.

A simple version check could be the solution… but what if you compiled the server without partitioning support?

The state of the MySQL ecosystem
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I’ll be on a whistle-stop tour of California next week, including two presentations at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo.

On day one at 1:20pm I’ll be presenting CAP Theorem: Two out of three ain’t right, in which I will be challenging the popular ‘two out of three’ explanation of CAP Theorem, examining the evidence from a variety of experts, including Dr Eric Brewer.

Then on day three at 9:00am I’m very honoured to be providing a keynote presentation, The State of the MySQL Ecosystem.

Here’s an overview of the presentation:


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Upcoming talks in Santa Clara
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I’m planning my calendar and thought I’d share what talks I’d be giving in Santa Clara in a couple of weeks for the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2013 and the MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day 2013. Its going to be a busy April 22-26 2013.

  • MariaDB Cassandra Interoperability with Sergei Petrunia on 23 April 1:20pm – 2:10pm @ Ballroom D
  • MariaDB BoF on 23 April 6:00pm – 7:00pm @ Ballroom F
  • MariaDB
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    April is the Coolest Month
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    If T.S. Eliot were a MySQL DBA, I think he would have been more upbeat about April.

    We are gearing up for an incredible second half of April. We will be presenting three separate sessions at the Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo 2013, April 22-25, in Santa Clara, CA. In addition, we will be presenting at SkySQL’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day on Friday, April 26 at the same location.

    Come by to see us in Booth #114, or stop by one of our sessions:

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    Exciting Group of Speakers for MySQL & Cloud Solutions Day, Friday, April 26th in Santa Clara
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    Agenda includes speakers from Calpont, Codership/Galera, Craigslist, MariaDB, SkySQL and the OpenStack Foundation

    Today, SkySQL and MariaDB jointly announce an exciting lineup of speakers for their MySQL and Cloud Solutions Day on Friday, April 26th, at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. This year’s agenda will feature database and cloud tutorials, as well as keynotes, featuring speakers from Calpont, Codership, Craigslist, MariaDB, SkySQL and the OpenStack Foundation.

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