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Vote for the next Kontrollbase feature
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It’s about time to add a new major feature to Kontrollbase. I’ve had some great feedback from the user community regarding features and options for improvement. Here’s your chance to get a vote in on the next addition. Vote now!

Poll set to handle poll, eventports, epoll, kqueue and Windows IO Completion
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This blog describes background and implementation of a poll
set to monitor many sockets in one or several receive
threads. The blog is intended as a description but also to
enable some feedback on the design.

I've been spending some time working out all the gory details
of starting and stopping lots of send threads, connection
threads and receive threads over the last few months.

The receive threads will be monitoring a number of socket
connections and as soon as data is available ensure that
the data is received and forwarded to the proper user
thread for execution. …

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Post on replication poll was lost
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My last post on the replication poll was apparently lost from Planet MySQL. If you're interested, I commented on the replication poll, our future plans, and how they were affected by the poll.

The replication poll and our plans for the future
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We've been running replication poll and we've got some answers, so I thought I would comment a little on the results of the poll and what our future plans with respect to replication is as a result of the feedback. As I commented in the previous post, there are some items that require a significant development effort, but the feedback we got helps us to prioritize.

The top five items from the poll above stands out, so I thought …

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The coolest future replication features...
Employee +0 Vote Up -0Vote Down something that you influence what it will be.

The problem with replication is that we have so many things that we want to do, but we are not that many people. What we do is what everybody does when the to-do list is to long: prioritize. Since the replication features are developed for you (yes, you), we have added a quickpoll on the where you can pick the three most important replication features that you would like to see us focus on next (after the 5.1 GA).

Do you think that on-line checks for table consistency is for weenies that cannot write a simple …

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